Cybersecurity: Safety in today’s digital age

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In an ever-changing and increasingly #digital world, organizations need to wake up to the need for #cybersecurity.

It is no longer enough to merely react to threats. Instead, organizations need to create IT infrastructures—and even entire enterprises—that are agile and adaptive, where breaches are addressed before they happen. In this context, I would like to present our Cybersecurity Podcast playlist, starting with a focus on cybersecurity in the retail industry. In the #retail podcast series, cybersecurity experts discuss how the retail industry is doing when it comes to cybersecurity, challenges we face and the rapid move to #cloud and new data platforms.

Episode1: Why Retail can’t dismiss the need for cybersecurity?

In the 1st edition of the retail podcast series, I discuss the #cyberthreat landscape of the retail industry with our UK-based #cybersecurity expert Lee Newcombe. We talk about how the #retail industry is specifically exposed to cyber-attacks and technical vulnerability is just a part of the threat basket. So, what is the difference between vulnerability management and threat intelligence? Should you use a big cloud provider or one of the local ones? When and why does cloud adoption fail? How is the retail industry special when it comes to cybersecurity- what can really go wrong?

Episode 2: Retail in the cloud – is it safe out there?

In the 2nd edition of the Capgemini Cybersecurity Podcast series, #cybersecurity experts Peter Hansen and Lee Newcombe discuss the challenges to #cloud adoption in the #retail industry. The pair discuss the public and private cloud, what are the differences, pros & cons and how to choose between the two. What are most common challenges to cloud adoptions? How can you embed security into the development lifecycle? What is #ShadowIT? Go ahead and listen to the podcast to find the answers.

Episode 3: Docker Containers and future trends

In the 3rd edition, three #cybersecurity experts Peter Hansen, Lee Newcombe and James Relph discuss #containers and #docker containers – the benefits they bring from a security aspect; the difference between containers and Virtual Machines (VMs); move towards microservices; and other future trends. Have a listen.

Check out the playlist:

To know more about Capgemini’s cybersecurity portfolio, please click here.

Peter Hansen

Senior IT security and privacy specialist, Capgemini Sweden

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