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Transformation and Innovation Office TIO - Frictionless Finance
Intelligent business operations

Transformation and Innovation Office

Establish the foundations of frictionless transformation and continuous innovation

Implement a framework for innovation and continuous improvement

As the engine of continuous improvement for your organization, Capgemini’s Transformation and Innovation Office (TIO) is powered by the Digital Twin to perform end-to-end transformation from idea generation to implementation:

  • Foster innovation
  • Enable change architects
  • Leverage thought leadership

This transforms your finance function to drive frictionless, enterprise-level value and outcomes across your organization, including enhanced customer experience and decision-making, improved working capital and productivity, and reduced operating costs.

Expert perspectives

Business operations

A delivery mechanism for the digital twin

Sep 15, 2021

About author

Mariia Nalapko

Digital Twin Global Process Owner, Capgemini’s Business Services
Mariia Nalapko focuses on digital transformation and enablement, developing Digital Twin & Transformation and Innovation Office (TIO) concepts, ways of working, and delivery.