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circular economy transition roadmap

A guide to a smooth transition to circularity

Whether industries are pushed, pulled, or a mix of both, the journey toward a circular economy is inevitable, and industry leaders must make circular economy a strategic pillar to improve their resilience and competitiveness.

The challenges to achieving circularity are significant for companies both within their internal processes and with their existing partners. Coupled with a lack of standards, an immediate full-scale transformation is not yet possible. But there are a number of ways in which organizations can mobilize and take incremental steps. 

Capgemini has developed a Circular Economy Transition Roadmap that assesses the current level of circularity at enterprise or business unit level and helps identify the key actions to steer a smooth transformation of your organization based on comparisons against industry best practices.

Orchestrate your transition to a circular economy

Leveraging our expertise in circular economy, digital and industries, our Circular Economy Transition Roadmap is a sophisticated tool that showcases solutions, levers and use cases in a single data platform, powered by AWS. It is designed to:

  • Provide a multi-dimensional assessment of a company’s current and intended initiatives
  • Benchmark against competitors and calculates the gap between an organization’s results and industry leaders
  • Capture information around economic and environmental outcomes
  • Analyze key scenarios supporting forecasting on operational impacts
  • Identify priority projects and technologies
  • Be customized to the needs of your industry, whether food producer, an airline or a component manufacturer
  • Provide a practical trajectory to meet your circularity challenges and priorities.  

Our Circular Economy Transition Roadmap helps you make data-driven decisions with confidence; identify pragmatic KPIs to keep you on track in an evolving regulatory framework; quantify the investment and effort required to achieve your goal; and take practical next steps. A pragmatic and holistic guide to navigating and accelerating your circular economy projects – from inception to fruition – our roadmap combines quantitative and qualitative assessments, using our RACES framework.

Find out if you’re on the right track

The traditional linear model of “take-make-consume-waste” is looking increasingly untenable. We believe that the straightest path to sustainable development is circular. To find out if you’re on the right track to sustainability, complete this 3-minute questionnaire.  We’ll then send you our summary assessment of your company’s circularity.

“At Capgemini, we measure over 300 KPIs for economic, environmental, and operational impacts to draft a tailor-made strategic action plan.”

Clément Chenut, Circular Economy Services Leader

Meet our experts

Clement Chenut

Circular Economy Expert, Group Sustainability Accelerator, Capgemini Invent
Graduated from Warwick University in 2015, Clement started his career at Atos Consulting in London as a digital strategy consultant before joining Capgemini Invent in Paris in 2019. Since 2015, he has developed a solid experience in leading digital transformation programmes, mainly in the banking and transport sectors. In 2020, Clement was also a member of the core team that enabled the launch of the 5G Lab for the Capgemini Group. In 2021, Clement joins the Sustainability Accelerator of the Capgemini group as the Circular Economy offer Leader in order to increase awareness on sustainability issues and accelerate the development of circular business models.