Predictive Services for Customer Engagement

"Meaningful experiences ultimately drive emotional engagement and secure sustainable long-term loyalty"

Enabling personalized customer engagement in an omni-channel world

How do your customers interact with your brand? From your company web presence and social media channels, to contact centers, chatbots and face-to-face interaction, you’re operating in an omni-channel, real-time world.

It’s no longer enough to simply provide a consistent experience across each channel and the growing number of customer touchpoints: you need to make that experience both personal and relevant.

But how? With tailored, personalized experiences anticipating a customer’s next step with your brand, before they take it.

Predictive Services for Customer Engagement is how you build engagement and loyalty. It’s how you build relationships of trust based on relevance and empathy.

A move towards one-to-one marketing

Today’s customers crave close connections with the brands they choose to engage with. And with data aplenty, the smart CMO will focus on both experience and emotion. This means evolving towards a one-to-one marketing model – where you have an engaged and valued relationship with your individual customers. This is the vision  the model to aspire to.

Maximizing value though enabling tailored, personalized actions which anticipate a customer’s next step their brand, before they take it.

Predictive Services for Customer Engagement by Capgemini makes balancing the emotions and rational factors through personalized messaging possible.
Built on Pegasystems, this powerful solution offers a bridge between your business goals and your customers goals. It uses in-depth data analytics and business rules management to give a contextual
view of each customer and their journeys with your brand, allowing you to move from a transactional experience to conversational experience where all digital, inbound and outbound and event experiences are merged into one single view of the customer.

Increase your customer conversion rate with personalized offers across any channel, at the right time.

Validity, eligibility and relevancy are the WHO, WHAT, WHEN rules to make sure the right propositions are included, and the wrong ones are removed.

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