Smart Mobility Connect: Customer Engine

Increasingly it’s the products and experiences of digital entities that are shaping consumer expectations. Gone are the days in which engineering excellence alone was enough to keep an automotive company out in front—in this new ecosystem driven by technological innovation, it’s seamlessness, situational relevance and quality of service that have taken precedent.

If OEMs are to react, protect, and move forward with strength it’s vital that they make developing the organizational flexibility to ensure quicker time to value a priority.

Achieving an intelligent and seamlessly connected ecosystem necessitates global partnerships, investment in IT, the removal of legacy systems, and leveraging an increasing amount of touchpoints.

Capgemini Invent’s Customer Engine underpins the core offerings of Connected Customer, Connected Services and Products, and Connected Ecosystem, and brings the technology, deep insight and cross-industry expertise to quickly ideate, develop, and implement innovative services to disrupt the market and delight the customer.

POV - Customer Engine

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