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technovision 2021

TechnoVision 2021 builds on our long-standing heritage of expert guidance – it’s the 13th edition of our annual technology guide.

One of the key challenges facing all organizations is how to use technology to help their businesses thrive in an increasingly complex world. We believe that by being like water, executives can deal with this complexity and help their companies to thrive.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought huge change to societies and economies. When combined with environmental change, political instability and rapid advances in technology trends in business, it feels as if traditional approaches to strategy are inadequate. The scale of change, in short, seems almost overwhelming. So what should business leaders do?

Technology can play a pivotal role in helping businesses deal with a flurry of unpredictable events, challenges and opportunities. To take advantage of the many benefits that technology can bring, organizations must be like water – that’s the key theme of TechnoVision 2021, our annual guide to technology trends in business.

By crafting technology strategies, architectures and solutions that are shapeless and formless, yet always flowing – just like water – businesses can go beyond being ‘simply’ agile, speedy and responsive.

To thrive in our increasingly complex world, businesses must adjust their strategies fluently to the disturbances, challenges and opportunities they encounter. They must execute any adjustments seamlessly, transforming both business and technology in an unending flow. TechnoVision 2021 explains how your business can be like water.

TechnoVision 2021: Technology trends in business

More than being just a report on technology trends in business, TechnoVision 2021 is an inspirational guide that will help you and your colleagues to explore how your organization can thrive on its journey towards becoming a technology business.

    TechnoVision 2021: Tap into our rich resources

    TechnoVision is our guide to the emerging trends in technology and business – but it’s not the only resource we have to help your organization prepare for the future. Our aim is to help you and your business to be like water. We want you to feel as if your organization is prepared for a flurry of unpredictable events, challenges and opportunities.