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Innovation Nation | Autumn 2021

Special feature: Driving a seamless customer experience

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The world over, the global pandemic has been a source of massive and unprecedented upheaval. More than that, the disruption caused to our daily lives has created unique opportunities, and has highlighted the incredible ability for humans to adapt and evolve.

The greatest lesson the pandemic has taught us is the true value of meaningful and personalized connections – even when enabled solely through digital. When the streets fell silent and we were confined behind walls, our digital devices became the primary enabler of human connection. Young and old learnt to deliver the expanse of our emotions, experiences, sadness, and exhilaration through a single pane of glass – something that has remained with us.

The pandemic brought in the new age of “always on.” Being continuously connected is the new reality of our lives. Work-life balance has been replaced by work-life integration. We have become familiar with our colleagues’ pets and families. This “always on” is our new customer expectation paradigm. Our customers now expect to connect meaningfully, interact with our shopfront, and transact at the time, place, and channel of their choosing.

The age of data also gained more depth and velocity as the shopfront and interactions moved online. Customer insights are now the fuel of marketeers. Data also helps us to be intentional and purposeful in matching technology with the needs of our customers.

Capgemini’s Digital Customer Operations suite of offers takes its inspiration from the lessons of the pandemic. Capgemini’s vision of customer operations combines a human-digital hybrid that enables the “always on” lifestyle and embodies the spirit of the digital-native customer. Keeping the customer first, we have crafted three offers that integrate humans and machines to deliver end-to-end services covering Digital Customer Interactions, Connected Marketing Operations, and Digital Sales Operations. With these, we cover the customer lifecycle of attraction, delight, and retention.

With this in mind, our autumn 2021 edition of Innovation Nation focuses on how at Capgemini we enable more meaningful and frictionless relationships between our clients, their front-line staff and their customers. The articles and interviews you’re about to read not only celebrate the importance of building meaningful connections with the people around us, but how Capgemini is enabling that journey in a better, more personalized way.

Anjali Pendlebury-Green, Global Head of the Digital Customer Operations Practice, Business Services Capgemini

Anjali Pendlebury-Green,
Global Head of the Digital Customer Operations Practice,
Business Services

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