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Going above and beyond

Leading the way to sustainable mobility

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly challenging topic for the automotive industry. With Capgemini joining forces with SAP it doesn’t need to be.

Fairly or unfairly, the automotive industry has long stood at the center of the battle against climate change. Legislation and public pressure are maintaining pressure, and the results are showing: OEMs have managed to reduce emissions by almost a third over the last 15 years.

There is a temptation to say, “We’ve done enough.” But that would be to pass up one of the greatest opportunities of our generation. The push for greener mobility is giving rise to new markets, and the brands that get there first are slated to enjoy decades of competitive advantage.

Capgemini and SAP’s work in prioritizing and actioning environmental concerns in our own business reveals three elements that are necessary for success:

  • the ability to identify meaningful sustainability targets
  • an end-to-end data value chain
  • and effective data sharing.

With these three in place, OEMs will be able to move with the current, and turn sustainability into a long-term competitive advantage.