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Data and AI

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 3

Data, analytics, and AI are at the very center of making innovations real. As we turn the page to 2022, it has become evident that it is the critical time to act on the societal and business challenges we face with the help of data and AI.

Capgemini’s Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 3 brings you a fresh selection of concepts, ideas, and stories with real-life examples on how to enable innovative change. Data can bring brilliant solutions to battle the effects of climate change, diseases, help those with disabilities, and increase productivity while decreasing the cost of making it. The opportunities – and the innovations – are limitless.

The new edition features 15 articles crafted by leading Capgemini experts in data, sharing their life-long experience and vision in innovation. In addition, several articles are in collaboration with key technology partners such as GoogleSnowflakeInformaticaAltairA21 Labs, and Zelros to reimagine what’s possible.

The Wave III looks at data-powered innovation through three key themes:

The Rise of Data Collaboration focuses on that special moment when data becomes much more valuable: when it is exchanged and carefully shared with others. Organizations that collaborate closely on data achieve elevated objectives.

The Rise of Transformational AI displays the various ways artificial intelligence augments us in our human productivity. Not only can we rely on AI to automate business functions, but just as much to develop these solutions themselves, as scarcity of specialized skills will be a dominant economic factor in years to come.

The Rise of Data for Good showcases the real effects of data and AI in areas where it matters: to create better, more sustainable futures. Many organizations have joined the quest to turn the course and enact on a better planet with data and AI.

It all makes for great, inspirational reading – whatever perspective you might have. There’s always something new to discover and to discuss.

Pick up your snowboard or surfboard: fresh waves of data-powered innovation are here!

The Rise of Data Collaboration

Data and AI

Creating a data-powered culture

Dinand Tinholt
Feb 1, 2022
Data and AI, Innovation

How cross-industry data collaboration powers innovation

Eve Besant
Feb 18, 2022
Data and AI

Unlocking the power of AI with data management

Mar 2, 2022

The Rise of Transformational AI

Data and AI

A case for context awareness in AI

Robert Engels
Apr 4, 2022

The Rise of Data for Good

Data and AI

Data and the sustainability ecosystem

Apr 20, 2022
Data and AI

The wave of data in oceans

Robert Engels
Nov 18, 2021
Data and AI, Innovation

Battling river blindness disease with the help of AI

Dr. Daniel Kühlwein
Jun 6, 2022