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TECHNOVISION 2022: Applying TechnoVision

TechnoVision is a tool to help business and technology stakeholders and practitioners create a dialog. It helps you tell your Technology Business story – and you can apply a series of engaging tools to help your organization think and implement emerging tech trends.

Applying TechnoVision 2022 to your business context to craft technology-business strategies

TechnoVision is typically applied according to the following steps: the team is introduced to the future trends in technology and innovation; business challenges are described; components are studied and discussed; storylines are crafted; and the findings are reported.

Blending technology trends with business challenges across this series of steps means your organization creates a Technology Business story, towards business outcomes, that everyone can contribute to and benefit from.

Applying TechnoVision is all about helping your teams and employees to get creative. All TechnoVision 2022 components are publicly available online to enable this.

We normally apply TechnoVision in a lively workshop setting, such as at our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) labs or our Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE) environments. The various steps for applying TechnoVision 2022 can also be achieved using virtual tools. Generally speaking, the more tailored the materials, the more successful the virtual session is likely to be.

Download open source TechnoVision box files, to run your own workshops:

Download easy to print TechnoVision cards, to run your own workshops:

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