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Using Microsoft Dynamics to unlock the value of customer data

October 13, 2020

Organizations that put and keep their customers’ interests at the heart of their business journey, are the only ones likely to attain and sustain growth in the most uncertain times. Meaningful and consistent relationships with clients translate into a trust that transcends mere contractual terms. In such a scenario, your decisions and actions, when it comes to products, innovation and service offerings, are best based on the correct customer data profiles.

An opportunity within a challenge

But many enterprises have their customer data stored in many different places, and customer processes take place in different applications. And it is a constant struggle to consolidate this data together into a complete profile. However, a challenge is simply another window to an opportunity. Massive amounts of data available for collection and grouping give companies an unique opportunity in making focused offers and tailormade services. The opportunity also creates a need for solid system support with rules or automation due to the large volume of data. But how is it different for banks and finance companies?

Customer data is key in banks and finance corporations

The World FinTech Report 2020, had three key recommendations for banks to stay:

  • Data driven – allowing customer focused products and services by leveraging the available data
  • Customer focused – with simple solutions, lower cost products and services, and a faster service
  • Digital – operating on an open platform model that integrates with other platforms and apps

With the onset of Fintech, banks have had to open up their infrastructure to other banks, competitors, partners or other 3rd parties, leading to an influx of more data sources, different levels of security needed to meet local and regional compliance schemes. In a legacy environment, where the flow and execution of data is more or less manual, these tasks become insurmountable. So you need compliance by design and when building systems, making the foundation correct as patchwork here only adds to complexity when it comes to data control and auditability.

What can you do to use this data to get a 360-degree customer insight?

Of course, turn to the best in class technology!

Financial firms must think innovation, from artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to personalized chat bots and enhanced customer experience. But the first smart step would be to use an intuitive and intelligent ready-to-go Customer Data Platform to tap into insights, unify customer data scattered across all sources – transactions, life-events, marketing, social, mobile and more – to get a single view of customers and optimize engagement.

Customer Insights and Customer Data Platform from Microsoft provides an end-to-end solution for a 360-degree customer view across multiple data sources where you can target customers with suitable offers in the right channel at the right time. Microsoft has important differentiators, such as its connection to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and Microsoft’s own internal identity graph, which are surely good to have on your side, if you are planning to make a move in the direction.


Gjert Hammersland

Gjert Hammersland leads the Microsoft Dynamics Center of Excellence in Capgemini Norway. Gjert is driven by a desire to simplify the customer’s everyday life with the use of better technology, user-friendly solutions and improved routines and processes. He possesses strong expertise in Dynamics 365 and is a Microsoft evangelist and a specialist in cloud technology with a business-IT approach. Gjert has worked with leading clients in banking and finance for more than 10 years both as a business consultant, in private banking and through pure IT projects both in the Nordic region and in Asia.

Contact Gjert if you want to know more about how Customer Insights can help your business create personalized experiences with a 360-degree view of customers.