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Riding in a Waymo Autonomous Car in San Francisco – A Safe and Impressive Journey!

Andreas Sjostrom
Nov 2, 2023

Self-driving cars have been commonplace in the San Francisco and Bay Area traffic for some time.

Waymo, Cruise, Nuro… billion-dollar projects are piloted here. At the moment, Cruise has its license suspended due to a recent accident under investigation.

The waitlists to be enrolled as a customer are long, and I’m still waiting. So, I was all in when Josh Baillon on my team offered me to skip the Uber and join him on a Waymo. Check out the video below for some highlights of the trip.

  • The driving style felt safe- smooth, careful, and defensive.
  • I kept thinking about what I would have done in each situation that occurred and felt that I was witnessing the driving style of a professional and experienced driving instructor.
  • From a safety perspective, I liked the experience more than I do – on average – with a human driver.

That said… the whole “chatting with the taxi/Uber driver” topic is a different chapter. Some love it; some don’t. Perhaps the future of autonomous taxis includes the option to add a human or AI “driver” as a passenger just for social conversation.

Thanks, Josh and Waymo, for the ride!

Meet the author

Andreas Sjöström

CTO & VP at Applied Innovation Exchange
Leading the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Capgemini’s flagship innovation space. International experience as CTO of Capgemini Scandinavia, member of Sweden and Scandinavia country boards. Digital transformation and innovation advisor for key accounts in the US, Netherlands, France, and the Nordics.