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Entering 2020 with one prediction

March 23, 2020

As I enter my 10th professional year within Cloud Business, I’m seeing a shift from a skeptical clientele where the dialogue used to be about ‘Why’, to now being ‘How’.

It’s not only a matter of success for me and all my peers around the IT world, but also a sense of relief as the dialogues have turned from convincing about the being, or not being part of a cloud system. From the ‘Why’ if you want to call it, to a fruitful dialogue about ‘How’. How to transform organizations. Because the truth is, even though we see a change of mindset coming from a cloud maturity, we also see that there is still a lot to be done. With digital transformation, we’ve actually just started the practicalities.

What we now face is how organizations are struggling with the ‘What’. What shall I keep, and what shall I ditch. What do I need, and what is just unnecessary, an obstacle, or double up. Because there is a legacy, a quite ugly truth, where we historically just bought IT, and stapled it upon each other. Or rather, next to each other in silos, making the systems non autonomous. This has led to an overload causing stress, frustration, and sometimes a sense of digital apathy. I can just look at myself here, an early adopter of digitalism, and new tools, but nowadays feel so overwhelmed that I avoid some of the news, and launches. If I’m doing that, how are we meeting the less interested employees?

Still organizations need to make sure they stay relevant; for customers, for talent, for partnerships, for employee retention, and at the end to stay ahead, or be better against competitors.

Digital Transformation is nowadays on everybody’s lips. As a visionary within IT, I can finally leave the evangelism around that subject behind, and go straight to the next level of discussing solutions. The ‘How’ and the ‘What’.

That’s what my customers are asking. What shall we do, and how shall we do it? The thing is that a digital tool is… just another tool. It’s not about the tool. Did everybody in the back hear that?

It’s not about the tool

It’s about the purpose, the strategy, and the benefits of the digital transformation. It’s about motivating your employees to keep ahead, to start collaborating, sharing, creating, and innovating. All to achieve great business outcomes. Fact is, organizations are facing a low degree of digital adoption. Their investments are not showing results. Recently, at my new employer, I’ve opened my eyes to some new opportunities in doing so.


Getting to know this subject, it just felt so obvious, I found a piece of the puzzle in my own profession that I didn’t know I was missing. I spoke about this during my Keynote at Digital Workplace Arena on Tuesday. Considering my experience so far, and that my predictions came true, I can quite confidently predict that this is something we will see more of, connected to digital transformation. And not only that-in external aspects as we talk about customer retention as well.

In my next article I will be sharing more about this subject. But, if you are eager to know more immediately, and just can’t wait, then just reach out and we’ll talk!

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Atefeh Sebdani Jacobson
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Atefeh Sebdani Jacobson is a well-recognized speaker as well as a visionary specialist and evangelist within Modern Workplace and Digital Transformation. She has broad experience in Microsoft with special focus on the end user, Office 365, Security, Windows 10 and Power BI (i.e Microsoft 365).
She been building and innovating various programs and methods both internally, as well as with partners and customers. Through the years she had the privilege to work and take on responsibilities within Sales, Business Development, Strategy, Cloud Computing, Partner Management, Project Management, Change Management, Mentoring, Leadership, Workshop Facilitator and as Speaker.