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Make your e-commerce site future fit. The supply chain, order-to-quote, new channels, in-store trade, D2C, and online business – they can all work together seamlessly. And they should.

The world of commerce is constantly changing – and it needs to in order to keep customers engaged. Customers, whether B2B, B2C or D2C, expect brands to engage with them on their terms. They expect personalised, memorable, engaging and seamless experiences across the entire customer journey. And if they don’t get it, they will quickly switch to a competitor.   

“Seamless omnichannel buying experiences maximise a businesses commerce potential. Increasing brand loyalty, differentiation thus creating new revenue streams.”

Alex-Smith Bingham, Customer Experience Offer Leader

What we do

Crafted Commerce

Craft an agile customer experience transformation through headless and composable solutions. 

To differentiate and win continuously in the market, leaders are modernising their CX architecture making them more modular to develop and consumable through every channel, touchpoints and modalities. This requires a modern approach which we call Crafted Commerce.

Crafted commerce focuses on three areas:  
Lean/Agile Organisation: Designing an agile organisation and a lean delivery process that support a customer centric business model today and tomorrow. 
Crafted CX Architecture: Optimising the digital platform for speed and adaptability to strike the right balance between global standardisation and local freedom.   
Sense-and-Respond Product Management: Robust framework with stronger sensing mechanisms and strategic product management so organisations can respond to the accelerating change in a complex business environment and navigate ever-changing preferences of your customers.

Unified Commerce for Grocery

Make the most of customer insights to provide differentiated offers that address the distinct needs of the modern-day grocery shoppers.

Grocery organisations of all sizes need to capture the attention of digitally savvy consumers. Unified Commerce for Grocery helps you launch immersive, intuitive digital experiences more quickly and less expensively. Customers can modify previously placed orders before delivery is confirmed. They can sort, search, and filter products based on previous orders, and shop specific location inventories with a real-time look into product selection, pricing and delivery times.

And you’ll easily be able to manage customer preferences by adding and saving their favorite grocery items to their profile for quick reordering. You can streamline and personalise your email marketing campaigns, too.

    Quick Start Commerce for QSRs with Salesforce

    We leverage the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable grocers to deliver with a fully functional, omni-channel experience.

    Quick Start Commerce for Grocers with Salesforce

    Quick-serve restaurants (QSR) are undergoing vast transformation. Customers want robust digital ordering and loyalty experiences.

    Magento Commerce Rapid Launch Accelerator

    The experience economy has reshaped customer demands, and nowhere is this more apparent than in commerce.

    Fast Commerce with SAP

    Our Fast Commerce solution streamlines processes and uses field-tested methodologies to provide a seamless end-to-end commerce experience.
    Capgemini Invent

    New business models

    Is it possible to operate a business that meets the needs of people and planet while also making a profit?
    Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Invent

    Smart Mobility Connect

    Empowering OEMs to create the mobility ecosystem of the future designed with people at heart.
    Capgemini Invent
    Capgemini Invent

    Inventive brand experience

    Reimagining your brand to become better connected, more empathetic and more relevant.
    Capgemini Invent

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