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Smart Mobility Connect


Enabling businesses to reinvent mobility for people

The automotive industry is in a time of great disruption. Its territory is growing, but it’s simultaneously being encroached upon by new entrants and new business models. It’s unprecedented; a new reality of connected mobility in which consumers are exploring the quickly widening range of products and services on offer that help them get from A to B.

For OEMs and other automotive businesses, it’s a case of innovate or stagnate. If they are to maintain their competitive advantage as the tech giants move into their landscape and insure future growth, it’s imperative to meet rising consumer expectations and offer vehicles and services that operate seamlessly within their customer’s lives.

Smart Mobility Connect

Charting the new mobility ecosystem of the future

Capgemini’s Smart Mobility Connect empowers OEMs to create the mobility ecosystem of the future designed with people at heart. We bring the mobility ecosystem of the future to life through a host of products and services within three core pillars:

  • Connected Customer: Cutting-edge technology to reimagine customer experiences
  • Connected Services and Products: New capabilities that extend business success
  • Connected Ecosystem: Strategic vision to create the business of the future

The technological framework that helps us deliver on our approach, the Customer Engine, connects these pillars and integrates intelligence into different stages of the journey.

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Meet our experts

Sebastian Tschödrich

Vice President of CSS at Invent Germany
“Sebastian specializes in advising and supporting automotive organizations in significant transformations across performance improvement, sales, customer experience, connected car, software-defined vehicle, technology strategy and digital business. He is passionate about shaping the future of the automotive industry.”

Dr. Rainer Mehl

Expert in Automotive Digital Customer Experience