Automation Drive

Machine Powered, Business Reimagined. Organisations need to navigate change by utilising machine capabilities to orchestrate more competitive ways of working. Automation Drive combines machine power with your business vision to deliver new ways of working, drive innovation and increase business value.

Driving competitiveness in the digital revolution

Today, the amount of data exposed to organisations in the digital world is growing exponentially and at a rapidly increasing speed. In this era of constant high-speed data flow, traditional ways of working are no longer sustainable.

With automation, leading organisations are transferring repetitive functional and cognitive processes to machines – solving complex business problems at a pace and power far beyond the capabilities of human beings. To automate means to enhance productivity, quality, predictability and agility while decreasing time-to-market – at a reduced cost to your business. But automation is a journey machines cannot make alone. Capgemini helps organisations navigate change to orchestrate new and innovative ways of working to drive business growth.

Automation Drive: your business – reimagined.

Automation Drive embraces the challenges and sources fresh opportunities that enable your organisation to embark on a new journey – rethinking and reimagining the way you do business.

Capgemini’s Automation Drive brings a unified, open and dynamic suite of automation tools, services and expertise that serve your business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value.

Three key components of the Automation Drive suite

Automation Drive framework

Gain unique guidance and insights into your automation strategy – today and tomorrow – with an index of business impact drivers that deliver: Productivity improvements, increased quality, heightened agility and faster time to market – all linked to the full spectrum of automation technology. The Automation Drive Framework embraces the full spectrum of what automation has to offer your business, from monitoring, robotics and orchestration services to advanced artificial intelligence and cognition – along with fully autonomous services.

Automation Drive tools and IP

Stay agile and competitive by combining leading-edge Capgemini automation tools together with best in class partner technology, and monitor the main trends in rapidly evolving automation technologies to assess and apply the right tool to the right purpose.

Automation Drive services

Continuously enrich your business with new innovative services, and bring speed and scalability to your end-to-end value chain with analysis and strategies that are designed to fuse automation into each of your business and IT processes.

Leverage a continuously evolving ecosystem of value for your business from an Automation thought leader

Capgemini is at the forefront of automation technology. We recognise that in order to be truly successful in this realm, your automation journey isn’t just about the evolution of technology – it is also about the evolution of trust. We have a long track record of delivering automation services and solutions to forward-thinking organisations across a range of industries and regions.

By utilising the processing power of smart machines to create new ways of working, we’re able to help organisations reimagine their business vision. A major factor in our ability to assist clients in recreating their visions is our constant drive to stay ahead of the curve in the realm of Automation thought leadership.

The methodology behind the Suite: Bridging human and Artificial Intelligence to completely transform your business

To further aid you in conceptualising just how rapidly and extensively you can transform your business through Automation, we’ve crafted our unique five senses of Artificial Intelligence methodology.

This methodology forms the core of our Automation Drive suite. Together, they showcase how the real “intelligence” within automation and Artificial Intelligence is less artificial and more natural than you think.

We view Artificial Intelligence as a combination of senses, experiences and knowledge – and it’s paramount that you seek out an automation provider who understands this and how it applies to your operations.

The five senses of Artificial Intelligence combine to create a solution that’s similar to our perception of human intelligence – this isn’t built on a single element, it’s a combination of senses, experiences and knowledge.

The Five Senses: Act, Think, Remember, Watch, and Listen/Talk

The Artificial Intelligence elements of Service, Analyze, Knowledge, Monitor and Interact work together to form automation solutions that deliver responsive, relevant and intuitive user experiences. These attributes are a fusion of smart processes and intelligent automation, and they each have a corresponding human sense to them:


Service (Act) – This area uses technology to complete processes and tasks. You’ve seen robots working on an assembly line – but now we’re moving them into your office.
Analyze (Think) – This is the ability to detect patterns and recognise trends. It applies algorithms to knowledge to determine the appropriate action or predict future consequences.
Knowledge (Remember)  This is about being able to store and find information effectively within your business using components like databases and search engines.
Monitor (Watch) – Here technology is used to watch and record your key business data. It is essentially used to create knowledge.
Interact (Listen/Talk) – This is the ability to listen, read, talk, write and respond to users. The aim here is for technology to ensure that the interaction feels intuitive and your customer is always happy – just as they are when they deal with a pleasant human representative.

By tapping into Automation Drive Suite services and capabilities, you will find new competitive ways to make automation the growth engine that works for your business. Together we will:

  • Drive greater growth with automation as the engine
  • Drive greater efficiency and resilience with automation technology
  • Drive greater agility and responsiveness with automated decision making


Connect with our global network of experts to ensure your automation journey optimises your processes and adds substantial business value to your operations.


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