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u2es Transformation: Today, disruptive digital technologies are driving utilities to go beyond simply providing energy. As a result, the utility company of tomorrow must produce, gather and exchange information, products and services that significantly impact the lives of its consumers. We call this u2es Transformation: our value-based program defines a transformation strategy, prioritises your needs and provides you with the right technologies and partners to transform your utility into a full-fledged energy services company.

Digital Utilities Transformation: Our integrated Digital Utilities Transformation framework empowers traditional utilities to reinvent themselves by leveraging and mastering social, mobility, analytics and cloud technologies. In doing so, you acquire a digital advantage at optimised cost.

Smart Leakage ManagementWater companies are already working hard to reduce leakage, but are very aware that more needs to be done. This short animation reminds us that water follows the simple laws of physics, and yet despite advances in technology and detection, water’s destructive nature remains hard to detect until the leak has developed and often the damage is already extensive.

Leveraging operational data on the IBM Cloud, Capgemini can help you detect leaks and prioritise search areas without the need for extensive sensor data.

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