Energy and Utilities

Does your energy company feel like it’s operating on the edge? For the first time, that might actually be a good thing.

“Working with Capgemini has helped us future-proof our business [and] introduce more convenience to our customers.”

—Chuah Kee Heng, Managing Director, SP Services

Delivering for the UK utilities sector

Capgemini is a strategic partner for utilities around the world. We help our clients – including 40 in the UK – to become more customer focused, to embrace the power of new technologies, data science and the digital revolution, to explore new business models, to control costs and add value for customers and stakeholders.

Through a culture of collaboration and innovation, we’ve forged long, mutually beneficial partnerships and delivered results throughout the energy and water value chains, with award-winning consulting, technology and digital transformation services. We’re passionate about our work and proud of our contribution on projects of international significance, benefitting clients and customers, supporting UK plc, and protecting the environment and public health.

New technologies empower energy and utility leaders

Energy and utility companies face a level of disruption not seen in decades. New, cash-rich competitors are disrupting the market. Renewables prices continue to ratchet downward. New energy-storage technologies are rapidly becoming industrialised. Meanwhile, technology – and opportunity – are moving to the edge. Just consider:

  • Edge computing is placing capture and analysis of data wherever it’s generated – by customers on mobile devices, by IoT sensors in electric vehicles, by machine-to-machine connections in smart buildings.

Capgemini is purpose-built to guide energy and utility companies as they master these market shifts and tech-triggered trends. Our 16,000 energy experts work with you to create a vision and chart a path to digital transformation. We equip you to start projects today that ladder up to long-term strategic goals.

Capgemini knows from experience how to help you:

  • Become a customer-centric digital business
  • Leverage IoT, machine learning, and edge computing
  • Identify, develop, and implement new business models
  • Control costs and demonstrate value to customers and regulators

Real-world solutions for real-world results

At Capgemini, digital transformation isn’t just a concept. Our energy and utility clients are taking bold steps to succeed in a customer-driven, technology-enabled landscape:

  • A UK water company has reduced the loss of water supplies from bursts and leaks by 16% through a machine learning model that provided a detailed, instantly available picture of the network and the condition of assets
  • One of the UK’s largest energy retailers transformed the online experience for its customers, through a new culture of design leadership, with customers at the heart of solution design, a transformed online experience for customers – and savings of £10 million, by reducing interventions by inhouse-teams, contact centre resourcing and billing disputes.
  • A UK water retailer delivered an 80% reduction in lead times to onboard customers, a 60% reduction in costs and 100% account billing accuracy via Robotic Process Automation technology
  • An UK energy retailer has delivered consistent process quality, reducing incidents by 82% and resolution times by 70% through a new, global SAP S/4 HANA digital enterprise platform
  • A UK water company has reduced the time developers wait before connecting new customers to the water network from at least five days to just four hours via a digital app that replaces on-site inspections

Discover how Capgemini can help you create and realise a better future for your energy and utility business.

Winning utilities customer’s hearts with AI

A recent report by the Capgemini research institute ‘The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add human Intelligence’ shows that, while AI is no longer alien to consumers, 65% of utilities customers want to know when they are having interactions enabled by AI as opposed to human-led.

Another key finding of the report shows that of all the reasons for organisations to implement AI-enabled use cases, ‘cost of implementation’ (62%) and ‘expected return on investment’ (59%) were the two highest placing, way above ‘impact of customer experience’ down in 9th place with 10%.

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