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Data-driven customer experience

Only 39 percent of organizations successfully turn data-driven insights into sustained competitive advantage.

The formula for success is simple: Enterprise data + customer data = contextual data which leads to strengthened relationships, brand loyalty, and increased acquisition.

What does it mean to be a customer-first brand to your consumers? It means making everything feel personal, from the products customers buy to the services they use – and from the way products are designed to how employees speak to customers. Customer-first makes the painful feel painless, the complex seem simple, and every moment feel intuitively right. When customers feel valued, the brand feels valuable to them.  
Knowing what your customers want is a first step to successfully becoming a customer-first brand – and the answer is in the data. Firms are leaning in heavily to maximize these important insights and, while it has never been particularly easy to predict what customers will think and want at any given moment, taking steps to truly understand who they are and their wants, needs and desires is paramount in this immediate satisfaction culture. 

A new era of customer experience with Generative AI

Empower the next level of CX engagement

Data-driven customer experience empowers you to take full advantage of interconnected data while building trust, transparency, and long-term relationships.

What we do

Capgemini’s data-driven customer experience brings together all relevant customer-first and enterprise functions and related data into unified profiles that distinctively identify each customer and provide a personalized and unified view of their relationship with your brand.  
Working in the real-time, the solution provides reliable, actionable insights from data all while preserving privacy. It transforms traditional Customer Data Platforms to embrace a dynamic program of customer experience and journey management – one that delivers personalized engagement across all customer touchpoints while anticipating each customer’s behavior and addressing their needs.

Read more about how we help create conversations, build trusted relationships, and enable brands to provide personalized offers and recommendations, in turn delivering value to the brand and the end customer.

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      Expert perspectives

      Meet our experts

      Kaspar Bøgh Christensen

      DCX Lead
      Kaspar leads a team of consultants that partner with companies to rethink, design and build systems for modern customer facing processes. Connecting data and insights with Sales, Service and Marketing processes brings new capabilities and competitive advantage to the companies and their customers.