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How immersive commerce is making the shopping experience extraordinary

Immersive technologies have the potential to radically transform how customers interact with brands and products, pushing the user experience to new heights. Ordinary digital engagement is no longer enough.

Retail has evolved drastically, accelerated by the global pandemic. Online sales surged to represent 14% of all retail sales in 2019. This figure is expected to reach almost 25% by 2027, as indicated by Statista report on total retail sales worldwide from 2015 to 2027, prompting questions about retailers adopting innovative tools for enriched customer experiences. Traditional stores have transformed, and so have the websites, but they do not always meet expectations. Now, step into the new era-immersive commerce.

This point of view explores immersive commerce and omnichannel customer experiences that use multiple touch points. It focuses on how immersive commerce elevates the capabilities of both customers and in-store sales associates, thereby facilitating seamless connections in virtual/physical contexts. This point of view also looks at how the role of the interface is being redefined; transforming interactions among customers, customer service, and in-store advisors.

Key highlights:

A new human/virtual omnichannel experience: Go beyond traditional e-commerce with augmented and virtual reality, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms.

Virtual smart spaces: Understand how immersive commerce transforms brick-and-mortar stores and websites into virtual smart spaces, offering a new dimension to the retail experience.

Real-time empowerment: Discover how customers are empowered with real-time engagement, featuring product visualization, manipulation, customization, virtual showrooms, and more.

Disrupting the ordinary: Creating extraordinary customer experiences, boosting conversion rates, driving impulse purchases, and fostering deeper customer-brand relationships.

Capgemini can help you drive business growth by embracing immersive technologies at scale. We strategize, design, build, and execute immersive experiences that are contextually relevant, multi-sensory, and emotionally engaging.

Whatever your brand maturity or experience in immersive technology, contact us to learn how our experts can help you shape your commerce future.

Meet our experts

Amish Desai

Global Head of Immersive & Experience Design, Digital Customer Experience
With 20+ years in digital transformation, Amish has led Fortune 100 firms to profit through design and product innovation. Highlights include training 2,000+ CPG staff in Design Thinking, pioneering digital-first ventures in finance, and launching connected commerce for a century-old retailer. His pinnacle achievement is forming global teams that excel in crafting digital customer experiences at the nexus of immersive tech, customer insight, and business value. He teaches UX design, product, and strategy in academic and entrepreneurial institutions as a token of gratitude for those who have assisted him over the years.

Xaviere Tallent

Business strategist Europe at Capgemini
“I’m a Digital Pioneer and I believe that successful digital transformation is contingent with data driven obsession. I understand that innovation and having an innovative mindset is critical for brands – yet it must make sense and drive excellence and value into the omnichannel experience. For over 15 years I have been helping enterprises with their digital commerce challenges – ensuring they increase their business performance and customer satisfaction. In this perspective, the quest for profitability is at the heart of our shared mission.”

Alexandre Embry

VP – CTIO – Head of Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab
Alexandre Embry is CTIO, member of the Capgemini Technology, Innovation and Ventures Council. He is leading the Immersive Technologies domain, looking at trends analysis and developing the deployment strategy at Group level. He specializes in exploring and advising organizations on emerging tech trends and their transformative powers. He is passionate about enhancing the user experience and he is identifying how Metaverse, Web3, NFT and Blockchain technologies, AR/VR/MR can advance brands and companies with enhanced customer or employee experiences. He is the founder and head of the Capgemini’s Metaverse-Lab, which helps clients shape and execute their metaverse strategies on various horizons, while contributing to build the future Metaverse and Web3 involving key partners. He is also the founder of the Capgemini Andy3D immersive remote collaboration solution.