Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM)

Enabling the global, digital company

For many years, Capgemini’s renowned Global Enterprise Model (GEM) architecture has driven operational level gains that include achieving efficient and standardized processes across geographies and business units, ensuring the right teams and technologies are available to support these processes and their interactions with each other.

In the context of the digital age, we have re-architected GEM to put automation first, with an updated and innovative framework reflecting the evolution in business process transformation that reaches beyond labor arbitrage, scaling, sizing, offshoring, cost cutting, and economies of scale, to take full advantage of the rise of automation and analytics.

This is now reflected in our Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM).

D-GEM enables our clients to be competitive in a rapidly changing, digital business context, building on the acclaimed success of GEM to deliver business value through:

  • Paperless core business processes that connect silos and enable the processing of multiple inputs at reduced cost.
  • Straight-through processing and touchless business administration with continuous access to reliable data and information.
  • Real-time insight and useful analysis with predictive capability.
  • Alignment of business processes for better outcomes and improved visibility of corporate performance.
  • Automated libraries to easily gather, store, and use knowledge to determine what happened last time and what the best next actions are.

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Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM)

Achieving operational efficiency in the digital age