NRF 2020 with Capgemini

Start the new decade with a clearer vision of what’s ahead for retailers

Consumers are continually being introduced to new services and technologies – Meal Delivery, Subscription Services, Mobile Payments, Voice Technology, etc. – But what connections and conveniences matter most to your customers?

Capgemini is purpose-built to guide retailers as they master these market shifts and tech-triggered trends. Our team of retail experts works with you to create a digital vision and a transformation road map. We equip you to start projects today that ladder up to long-term strategic goals.

Capgemini knows from experience how to optimize retail operations across the value chain. We employ proven methodologies to adjust the levers of platforms, applications, processes, change, leadership, talent, and culture.

In case you missed us at  NRF 2020: Retail’s BIG Show  discover how Capgemini  can help you create and realize a better future for your retail business.

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If you are in New York or visiting, be sure and pick up your copy of our New York Retail Safari Guide Map. This map will guide you through the concrete jungle of New York City to discover must-see unique and innovative retail destinations. Be inspired by new approaches to customization and personalization, education and experimentation, retail automation, and immersive experiences. The stops on your journey will provide a glimpse into the retail landscape to come.

NRF 2020: Retail’s BIG Show

NRF 2020 united over 40,000 people to share visionary ideas, build visionary partnerships and experience visionary technology that will change the retail landscape. If you missed out watch the recap!

Capgemini Partner awards and recognition:

Leader, Gartner ’18 Magic Quadrant for CRM and CX Implementation Services, Worldwide

Salesforce ’18 Cloud Solution Award, Einstein Analytics

Winner, Best CRM Consultancies, Destination CRM Market Leader Awards ’18

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