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Kamel El Harkani

Kamel El Harkani

Senior Consultant (CSV/CQV) at Capgemini (ERD) based in Zurich!


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Manufacturing and operations engineering


Could you please give us an insight into your role and area of operations?

I’m a Senior R&D Pharma Engineer who joined Capgemini in March 2022 as “Snr CSV/CQV Consultant”.

As a versatile Scientist/Engineer, my role as consultant is to use and deliver to Capgemini’s clients my broad experience and expertise gained in the Pharma/MedTech/Biotech industries along my career.

Be committed to help the industries to achieve their objectives and challenge them to reach and go beyond their own current “Gold standards” in their activities.

How do you think is it important to the success of Capgemini in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an amazing country. Rich of Pioneers, Innovators that have change the world.

This “Swiss innovator mindset” is really inspiring and give to Capgemini and all their consultants a huge and almost unlimited field to growth, learn, and deploy their full potential in this fast-paced world.

Thanks to Capgemini’s broad resources and experts available across the world, I have no doubt that Capgemini is becoming a key player and will play a major leading role in the Life Science industries development in Switzerland allowing them to “Get the best future they want” for their patients.

Could you describe the main requirements of your client(s) and the solution we are providing?

During my last mission, my role was to take over of several Computerized Systems Validations (CSV) of Biotech manufacturing equipment.

The objective was to make sure that the legacy systems will still be compliant with the current regulatory requirements regarding Computerized Systems in GxP environment.

The main Challenges were to mitigate gap of old systems to maintain their compliance and provide guidance to the client for future investment on Computerized systems for their activities.

For my next mission, starting in few days, I will be working on the final phase of the implementation of a global software LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to ensure its compliance on the client’s site level.

As usual, my first objectives will be to get a crystal-clear vision of the client’s expectations and use my expertise (also using the Capgemini’s experts’ network) to guide them throughout the Validation process to ensure a successful deployment of the software.

What are your top three to five priorities in the coming year?

Keep learning using the all the available Capgemini’s “Learning Platforms” to stay up to date” on the latest technologies, standards, and future needs of the Life Sciences Industries.

On the client level, keep “eyes and ears” wide open to identify any field of improvement outside my scope where Capgemini’s expertise could bring a significant added value.

On a personal side, my objective is to keep the perfect balance between my work and private life. To keep going beyond my limits and become the best version of myself every day while sticking to my values which overlap the Capgemini’s ones.

What do you see as the key challenges that we may face in this area?

The uncertainties of the global economy combined to the on-going Capgemini’s transformation might lead to some markets slowdowns and trigger some doubt, fear, and unexpected situations.

I have no doubt that the Capgemini group has all the required resources and talented employees to overcome this challenging time and ensure a full client’s satisfaction while making sure that all employees feel supported, recognized and belonging to a “Global Team” of committed people.

Any other key information you would like to share about your area of work?

I believe that “transparency” is the key to build trust. Therefore, I really encourage people to “dare” to speak-up, get/provide feedbacks and face situations.

Either on the client or Capgemini’s side, from my perspective, there will be no challenges nor obstacles that we can’t overcome if we build a strong, reliable, and honest collaboration.

– Work as Team – (“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!” (From the African proverb)).

Could you share with us any one thing about you not widely known to the team?

I love the feeling that I have when jumping from the plane at 4’000m and flying above the clouds for more than two minutes with my wingsuit.

Should you want to experience this feeling of “freedom” and I care’s dream (+ a bit of adrenalin) feel free to connect!