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Angelo Sirica

Angelo Sirica

IT Project Manager/Solution Architect at Capgemini (ABL) based in Zurich!


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Could you please give us an insight into your role and area of operations?

Since I joined Capgemini in 2021, I have been working as Solution Architect and Project Manager in the Financial Services Market. I mainly support Insurers in their IT Transformation journey, usually when they decide to move from an outdated and ineffective legacy solution to a more sounding IT Architecture.

How do you think is it important to the success of Capgemini in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a trendsetter in what concerns Insurance and Capgemini is the perfect partner for our clients to keep up with the most disruptive technologies lately transforming the market. IT and Business are more than ever connected and interdependent, and Capgemini comes with talents that carry a hybrid profile and can easily manage challenges of every kind.

Could you describe the main requirements of your client(s) and the solution we are providing?

Our clients are usually stuck in an obsolete IT framework made with ad-hoc developed products or heavily customized software which became extremely ineffective and expensive to maintain during time. What we do with them is assess their current situation and design a target Architecture that reflects the Client’s vision and mission. Based on that, we select the best fitting technology, and we follow the implementation of the software as well as all aspects of the business transformation that comes with it.

What are your top three to five priorities in the coming year?

1. Hands on the most innovative technologies to build something useful for our clients.

2. Consolidate partnerships by demonstrating that we are the perfect ally for any IT Transformation journey.

3. Explore the Fintech Industry to select and cooperate with innovative startups.

What do you see as the key challenges that we may face in this area?

For what concerns the Insurance market, the biggest challenge would be the rethinking of Insurance products. New technologies may provide the tool to support an IT Transformation process, but the Business transformation must keep pace.

Any other key information you would like to share about your area of work?

Just a fun fact: every time we start working for a client, we face some pushback behaviors from people that have been working with the same tools and in the same way for years… it’s always a pleasure to make them part of the transformation and make them realize that there is so much you can improve nowadays.

Could you share with us any one thing about you not widely known to the team?

Well… there are plenty of things my team doesn’t know yet. I’ll mention 2 of them:

  1. I won a lot of videogames competitions till a few years ago.
  2. I am the biggest Bob Ross fan. If you don’t know who he is, check it out now!