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Picking up pace in the new era of digital customer engagement

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Customers are the core of every business. So, how can organizations keep up with customer expectations?

Today, more than ever, businesses need to be agile enough to keep up with their customers’ fast-paced lifestyles. Expectations are high and impressions instantaneous. Decisions about the next offer for the customer should be formed and served in real time. It’s not easy for IT to respond to the tech-savvy customer’s lifestyle and your customer engagement solution needs to keep up with the times to make an impression. The shift in customer needs and the need for businesses to respond quickly, precisely, and accurately requires a suitable platform. At Capgemini, we understand this shift and can help you digitize your customer engagement experience for today’s market. We would like to introduce Pega – a platform that requires almost no development and focuses on deliverables from the get-go.


Picking up pace in the new era of digital customer engagement



The Pega is an intelligent platform that ensures day-to-day tasks are a breeze. Business processes can be modelled as the platform uses workflows without any code, keeping the end-user customer journey in mind. Additionally, changes can be carried out quickly and the deployment of new features is easy. Features such as Situational Layer Cake Platform® and Build for Change® allow for an underlying intelligence to evolve with technology upgrades without affecting the user interface or disrupting business as usual.


Pega delivers a custom fit for every business with its ready-to-market offering. Even if your organization has a technology roadmap of specific vendors, Pega offers an exhaustive list of operating systems, databases, and applications servers that can be configured in different combinations to run Pega on cloud, on premises, or even as a SaaS platform.

Picking up pace in the new era of digital customer engagement


Organization-level governance is simple to enforce in the platform with out-of-the-box features, such as Guardrails. Also, the Pega platform is easy to integrate with existing platforms with several out-of-the-box connectors and data transformations that enable integration with new products (for example, digital wallets or cash back services) and that too can be done in a matter of days.


The Next-Best-Action advisor operates on built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to achieve:

  • Higher customer lifetime value through next-best-action recommendations based on customer profile and life stage.
  • Increased personalized up-sell and cross-sell revenue by integrating with customer lifecycle.
  • Higher customer retention rates and lower costs via increased customer satisfaction and quick go-to-market capabilities for new features.
  • A personal investment budget for each customer based on spending habits, existing portfolios, and financial goals.


The Pega platform automates processes such as:

  • Communication via several modes, such as email, text notifications, along with traditional methods of fax, mail.
  • Business policies, including decision logic and service-level agreements.
  • Routing assignments to case participants or approvers.
  • Performance-sensitive reporting.

Omni-channel support

Pega also offers a uniform omni-channel experience and adapts to the platform’s UI capabilities. If you are accessing the application on an iOS device, a tap is considered a selection. If you move to Windows, a click will work as well.

Why Pega with Capgemini?

The question most IT decision makers face today is whether they will stick with a technology platform till the end of time or manually feed in decisioning algorithms.  With its ability to offer relevant customization with built-in decisioning and next-best action capabilities, Pega is a good choice for organizations looking to build the next level of digitized customer engagement. The organization’s domain knowledge combined with Capgemini’s decade-long Pega experience can help companies connect and engage with customers and build meaningful relationships.

Reach out to me or our experts Marjut Kytösalmi and Jukka Tuominen to discuss more about digital customer engagement.