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Digital Workplace

Every company wants to keep its employees satisfied and productive. Because a great employee experience translates into great business results.

As more people work from home or remotely, employee satisfaction and retention, attracting top talent, and other key factors can make a significant impact on business performance.

Our Connected Employee Experience brings a new level of choice and flexibility to employee interactions, engagement, collaboration, and support. We have proven expertise in end-user transformation, with thousands of successful client engagements worldwide. We are uniquely qualified to help your enterprise chart its own course to the modern digital workplace.

A fantastic employee experience is everything. Make sure it’s everywhere.

Heathrow extends partnership with Capgemini

We signed a five-year contract with Heathrow to provide end user services and service desk support until the end of 2026.

    Enabling a digital workplace transformation at Airbus

    We have signed a five-year contract with Airbus to support the redesign of its global collaborative workplace.


      Deliver great employee experience with Capgemini. Hear from our influential speakers and gain valuable, practical insights to support your journey from employee experience to people experience.

        What we do

        Transform the way you serve and support your employees.

        Connected Experience Framework is the name of our Agile delivery model. With this, we implement, manage, and innovate our services to enable organizations to bring meaningful experiences and functionality to their employees.

        We can help you every step of the way – from defining your strategy, to designing experiences, to deploying solutions, increasing adoption of new services and technologies, and improving the user experience.

        This framework enables you to embrace a hybrid work model, and helps the people in your organization to be as productive and creative as they can be. We use this to implement meaningful services with a strong focus on health and well-being.

        Connected Workspace is our “personal productivity” product by which we provide employees with all the digital tools they need to work in the most sustainable way possible.

        Different generations of employees have different preferences and expectations of their workplace. But they all want their work applications to be easy to access, easy to use, and personalized, delivering the same experience they have on their own devices.

        Capgemini’s Connected Workspace brings flexibility to the work environment. It lets employees work anytime, anywhere, using any device – company-issued or personal – with personalized support whenever employees need help. We can help you give your employees a digital experience that will, in turn, give your business a distinct edge.

        Surround your employees with great experiences.

        Capgemini’s modular Connected Office services take the office experience to a higher level for employees and visitors in any office environment, including home offices. The support this portfolio offers includes enterprise connectivity services, employee and visitor experiences, smart building, and smart spaces.

        With more productive and better satisfied employees, the result is increased business performance and improved brand image.

        Working better, together.

        With Connected Collaboration services, you can really bring people together. We harness data analytics to help you personalize collaboration, and we use automation to achieve better outcomes with less effort.

        As a result, you can rapidly generate a greater volume of better ideas, and transform them into great products and services. You can improve employee satisfaction, and attract and retain top talent. You can help colleagues and partners collaborate and communicate anywhere, and extend that collaboration to your customers and partners. And you can rapidly identify and resolve problems faster, streamline costs, and elevate your reputation as an innovator, too.

        Better support – at the point of need.

        Connected Support provides personalized support services when and how you need them. Our My Service Desk provides a personalized user experience with a seamless omnichannel interface that adapts predictively and proactively to user preferences and behaviors. Smart Hands Support provides on-site support when and where needed to provide the right skills to support business-critical events. And Direct Ship services ensure that your employees remain productive by delivering IT systems, devices, or other assets they need, often overnight, to help them tackle problems that cannot be resolved remotely online.

          The new working paradigm

          Reinventing work for survival today – and resilience tomorrow.

          Digital workplace services

          Cloud infrastructure: Harness the cloud to accelerate transformation safely.

              Leader in Avasant RadarView

              We have been positioned as a Leader by Avasant, a leading advisory firm, in its RadarView™ report for Digital Workplace Services 2021.

              Leader in NelsonHall NEAT Evaluation for third time in a row

              We were named a ‘Leader’ in the NelsonHall NEAT vendor evaluation for Advanced Digital Workplace Services for the ‘Overall’ market segment.

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