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World wealth report 2022

A customer-first strategy is pivotal to wealth management success

The past year was one of tremendous wealth accumulation around the world: recovering economies boosted by stock market gains pushed global high net-worth individual (HNWI) population up by 7.8% and 8%, respectively. But to capture this growth, wealth management firms will need new and improved ways of delivering personalization to augment client experience.
Highlights from the Capgemini World Wealth Management Report 2022 include:

  • Equities remained the go-to asset class, and with healthy stock market returns, North America maintained its dominant position in HNWI wealth and population.
  • HNWIs demonstrated measurable interest in emerging asset classes – especially ESG and digital – and vocalized their desire for better digital and personalized offerings.
  • The rise of several new customer segments – millennials, women, Tech-Wealth, LGBTQ+ individuals, and the mass affluent – creates enormous growth opportunities for wealth management firms.
  • Firms that leverage cloud, AI/ML, and digital technologies to strengthen their core and augment capabilities will be well-positioned to personalize client experiences and engagement across channels and products.

Key highlights

Highlight 1

Equity markets drive North American leadership in wealth and HNWI growth

Unprecedented government stimulus packages, low-interest-rate environments, increased liquidity, stock market gains, and widespread COVID-19 vaccinations drove 2021 global economic resilience and accelerated High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) population and wealth growth.

The global HNWI population expanded by 7.8% (1.7 million new HNWIs), and wealth swelled by 8% (USD6.4 trillion) in 2021. North America retained its commanding lead for HNWI population growth (13.2%) and wealth (13.8%) in 2021. The robust tech sector fuelled powerful wealth performance.

HNWIs’ call for sustainable investing products drives demand for quantifiable ESG impact measurementbeginning their resilience journey

Investing in causes with positive environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) impact is becoming critical for HNWIs. Regionally, HNWIs in Asia-Pacific (excl. Japan), Europe, and Latin America are the most interested in SI products, followed by North America.
As HNWIs become more interested in ESG investment options, WM firms realize they must expand product selection, build educational support, and develop capabilities to measure and communicate ESG impact.

Personalization at each client touchpoint is essential to captivate emerging segments and earn confidence?

New segments are emerging, such as women in wealth, millennials, and next-gen and tech-wealth HNWIs. Most WM firms lack segment-specific products and services, with only 37% providing offerings for women, 22% for millennials, and 53% for tech-wealth HNWIs. WM firms are out to earn and retain the mindshare (vs. their competition) of the emerging client segments. These unique segments, which are in focus now, possess high growth potential and require specialized expertise and offerings.

Customer engagement is a complex process requiring C-level commitment: The Chief Customer Officer in corporate strategy to future-proof business

More and more firms are creating a new role or persona to direct client intimacy, the business, brand, and the ecosystem. This role orchestrates engagement, putting clients at the heart of the WM process. The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is the best-suited client strategist and engagement orchestrator.

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