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True end-to-end business transformation


Today’s rapidly digitizing world has created a demand for a partner that can do it all, from innovation to strategy development to back-end services. As a result, almost every technology services company promises that it can transform your business from end to end. But experience and expertise across every stage of transformation, in a wide array of sectors – that’s rare.

One of the keys to Capgemini’s success – and that of our customers – is our 25-year partnership with Oracle, the world’s top provider of enterprise software, including advanced solutions for business transformation. Capgemini’s team knows Oracle inside and out: not only the basics of implementation but also how to optimize for maximum ROI and to ensure continuous success. With a dedicated team featuring more than 15,000 Oracle-trained resources across 20 countries, we have the experience and expertise to optimize Oracle solutions as part of business transformations that truly extend from one end of your business to the other.

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Full-circle Oracle Cloud capabilities

Roadmaps and assessments

  • Build competitive advantage with the right cloud strategy tailored to your business objectives.

Implementations and migrations

  • Benefit from a rapid time-to-value, low-risk implementation with improved business outcomes.

Application management services

  • Sustain operational efficiency to reduce cost and increase organizational effectiveness.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud

A comprehensive suite of tools delivering higher productivity with improved control at lower...

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Transform you Supply Chain

Meet our experts

Jim Langford

I bring exceptional expertise in Cloud Enterprise Systems to anyone who is facing a tough Cloud enterprise decision. I have the ability to sift through the many variables of a situation and present the facts in business terms. I am able to utilize my extensive experience to see issues from many angles and help drive to an optimum solution.

Matthew Haller

I help companies improve their business by leveraging modern business technology. I have been involved in the shift of business software to Cloud/SaaS technologies since 2008 and provide guidance to what can and should be different, from its impact to the solution landscape to organizational competencies.

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