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start-ups’ new role in the value chain

Is the traditional collaboration of R&D departments and strategic partnerships with BigTech enough these days? Probably not.

Increasingly start-ups are delivering the innovation that businesses need and by 2025, it is estimated they will contribute 44% of innovation sources, as against 10% today[1]. In response to such a seismic change, Capgemini Ventures Managing Director Lucia Sinapi-Thomas, together with other subject matter experts, have put together some thought-provoking insights to help companies negotiate the move to this new kind of collaboration.

“Co-innovation is the new market paradigm, but that can not happen without adequate collaboration.” Lucia Sinapi-Thomas talks about the crucial role of start-ups in the acceleration of the pace of innovation.

Our series of blogs and vlogs get to the essence of what working with start-ups means, and the need to develop open ecosystems rather than siloed partnerships to enable ground-breaking innovation at speed. They address key questions such as:

·      Will organizations need to change to work successfully with start-ups?
·      How can risk management cope with start-ups when there is intrinsic risk aversion?
·      How will Big Tech and VCs influence innovation in the new model?
·      How do businesses leverage a start-ups’ ecosystem for strategic insight?
·      What’s the best approach to start-ups: collaborate or buy?
·      How do organizations ensure adoption at scale and overcome integration and cultural issues?

No big private or public company can afford to look the other way at a moment when start-ups become the providers of sustainable innovation. Yet, without a framework in place to ensure sustainable collaboration, the advantage of the new model will be lost. Because Capgemini Ventures has been working with tech providers and start-ups for decades, we can offer the insights so that innovation at scale really works.

[1] Lifting the lid on corporate innovation in the digital age. Capgemini Invent x MIT 2020.

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