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Boosting cybersecurity immunity

Confronting cybersecurity risks in today’s work-from-home world

The degree to which the coronavirus will transmute the world is difficult to predict, but it is a vast understatement to say that nothing will ever be the same. That’s why the Capgemini Research Institute is releasing a series of research notes with pragmatic guidance on how organizations can take action on the things that matter in the wake of COVID-19.

Obviously, nothing matters more than our health – and the attendant surge in virtual work requires a step change in behaviors and mindset for both leaders and employees. But as working from home becomes the new normal, cybersecurity takes on a whole new meaning. With Boosting cybersecurity immunity: Confronting cybersecurity risks in today’s work-from-home world, we explain why cybersecurity is so important during this crisis and how organizations can improve the security of their remote employees.

Crisis brings change, but change heralds opportunity. When it comes to cybersecurity, the investment and focus that companies bring to the issue today will allow them to emerge stronger tomorrow – armed and ready to exploit new technology advances and operate in a world where home working is increasingly a fact of life.