Same Old F&A, Same Old Routine? Not Exactly

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My increasing subject matter knowledge continuously improves my confidence and self-worth.

Are finance and accounting roles repetitive and boring? Not from where I’m standing – and the work-life balance is amazing too!

I think it’s true to say that people often jump to conclusions and are quick to judge. For instance, I’m often asked what I do for a living, and when I say I work in finance and accounting (F&A) in Bengaluru in India, the response I usually get ranges from kind sympathy to out and out pity. People just assume it’s inward looking and localized—a routine and uneventful existence offering no challenges. In short, they think it’s boring.

Well, I’m sure there are some jobs like that, but I’m glad to say I’m yet to experience them myself. My role as Director of Finance Transformation in the Business Transformation Services (BTS) team at Capgemini is anything but dull.

Looking for a new challenge?

The building I’m based in is multi-dimensional, both literally and metaphorically. Metaphorically, because even though it’s an F&A operation deep inside southern India, every floor is dedicated to a different client in a different industry, serving not just local and national needs, but international and even global markets, which enriches my knowledge base. I cross international borders every day, working with global clients and colleagues based in the Americas, Europe and APAC – broadening my own horizons as a consequence.

It was the opportunity to experience being part of such a highly competitive and skilled consulting area that prompted my move to Capgemini around five years ago. I’d been working as a business process consultant at a major IT company, and I was looking for a new challenge not just a change. An ex-colleague suggested I apply to Capgemini, and when I met the head of the BTS team, Carole Murphy, she explained how the job would both challenge and reward me. I was delighted when a role was offered to me.

If it’s variety you need …

So what it’s like? Well, the first thing I noticed is just how much variety there is. With each passing day and access to different projects, my increasing subject matter knowledge continuously improves my confidence and self-worth. Although I’m based in India, I’m involved in global projects across all kinds of areas. The methodologies we use are constantly evolving, partly because of the dissemination of best practice and partly because of developments in technology. While robotics was once thought to be only applicable on the factory floor, it has advanced along with intelligent automation to be hugely beneficial in F&A—streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and creating new opportunities.

It’s been such a buzz to see how these technologies and their application for our clients are evolving. And through being given a fantastic platform to develop, understand, and most importantly, add real value in the work we do, I feel that I’m learning something new every day. One example that stands out is a huge transformation project I worked on for a large media and entertainment client, which really gave me the opportunity to use my own creativity in making the most of the assets we offer to deliver real business outcomes.

I work in a highly collaborative environment, with tight deadlines and trips around the globe. The learning, passion and fun we have and the things we accomplish combine to create an adrenalin rush that is second to none. I also get the inside track on all the movies coming up for release before every one else!

… get in touch!

I get a real buzz from my role, and I’d love to see more people taking the same path. In particular, it would be great to see more women finding fulfilment at work. It’s often the case that when women marry and start a family they face pressure to stay at home and give up their careers. I have a young child, but I’m glad to say I haven’t experienced that kind of pressure at all.

Capgemini is a great believer in work-life balance—we’re given flexibility in how we organize ourselves, so it’s possible to be a good mum and still meet deliverables and achieve professional goals.

Routine? Uneventful? No challenges? No work-life balance? Don’t you believe it! Click here for more information about working with or for Capgemini.

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