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More Than a Trainee Program: 3+ Reasons to Start Your Tech Career as a Future Talent

27 Jul 2022

There are several tech & business traineeships to choose from, so why apply to Capgemini’s Future Talent program instead of the others? Best hear it from recent joiners.

What is the Future Talent program, anyway?

Future Talent program is our springboard for aspiring tech and business graduates, almost there -students, and other curious people charting a new course in their career.

We’ve ran the program since 2010. Over the years, 200+ talents have grown into well-rounded professionals after starting as Future Talents. Read more about the practical bits here.

We thought the best way to understand what the program is really all about, is to ask some fresh Future Talents! Meet Heidi Suominen, Nicola Dal Zovo, and Taha Namiq, who joined the program in 2022.

Reason 1: All the support you need

When asked about the positives, support from other Future Talents, senior colleagues, and managers comes up more than once.

Heidi highlights the helpful attitude that others show towards the newbies:

Having the Future Talent identity tells colleagues that you’re still learning the basics, and makes it more than ok not to know everything. I’ve noticed that more senior people are eager to help – often even without asking! – Heidi Suominen

Nicola has similar thoughts about the safety net:

I have been supported since day one by my work buddy and mentor, who helped me to navigate the organization, to understand what’s expected of me, and to meet lots of new colleagues.

I’ve just started working on my first project. This means lots of responsibilities and learning opportunities. The best part is, that I feel that my back is always covered by my manager, mentor, and the team.

He also gives a good overview of the onboarding, designed to help everyone get up to speed in no time:

Thanks to the intensive Collaboration with Clients -course right at the start of the program, I got to know all Future Talents and learn the basics of consultancy work. After that, there have been a range of onboarding activities, seminars, and individual courses that made it easy to get to know my role and our ways of working.

Reason 2: The people and the culture

It’s not just about what you get to do. We’re seriously proud about our skilled people and friendly culture. And what do you know: investments in a happy team and an inclusive work environment receive high praises.

Something that may be hard to detect from the outside is that people really care about you here, even though Capgemini is a massive company.

Health is wealth. The employer invests in us – even the most junior employees – because that is the best way to invest in our success. We’re taught from the early stages of our career, that employee wellbeing is high on the priority list. – Heidi Suominen

Taha seconds that, and points out that the culture also helps cope with the challenges of the work.

The learning curve is steep, as you get to work with more experienced people early on. Our positive and collaborative atmosphere has helped enjoy the challenge, and I’ve made a bunch of friends in the process.

Besides the opportunity to gain lots of experience in my field, I applied based on Capgemini’s reputation for having a diverse and inclusive work environment. I have never felt as welcome as I did when joining Capgemini, and I still feel very comfortable being myself.

Heidi adds:

The program teaches a healthy way of handling mistakes and failure. They happen, and that’s part of the progress. You learn and move on with a bit more experience in your pocket.

In Nicola’s words:

The work environment is friendly, relaxed, international, non-hierarchical, and yet professional. It’s easy to make friends and enjoy time spent at the office.

Reason 3: – Future career outlook

What are trainee programs made for, if not to help you grow into a top-tier pro in your field? The Future Talent program is not just any old traineeship. As Nicola continues:

The Future Talent program is a career accelerator that brings you where you want to be by providing you with the tools and the support needed to rapidly develop both horizontally and vertically.

And how is this different from other trainee programs, you ask? Taha has a clear answer to that:

The Future Talent program is special in that it’s not a traditional trainee program. It is already a full-time and permanent job that comes with the intention of making you a full-fledged Capster. So much better than applying for traineeships here and there and being uncertain of future employment.

For instance, right now I look forward to taking more responsibility as a project manager in digitalization and cloud infrastructure projects. We’ll see where the career path takes me from there.

Heidi has an idea about what she wants from the future, too:

I really feel that I can be part of something valuable at Capgemini. Like, already the Future Talent program has given me a chance to push sustainability, which I’m super passionate about.

With time, I want to grow into a manager who leads by example. It’s a long journey, but I’m not worried because all the learning tells me I’m moving in the right direction. Also, I can already tell that the network of people I’m building here will be invaluable to my future career.

What to expect from the program

Still doubtful? These mentions do a pretty good job telling what to expect when you join the Future Talent Program.

According to Taha:

Honestly, you can expect to have a great time! I have loved the atmosphere, getting to know other people, and the feeling that we are all here learning new things together.

Also, a steep learning curve especially if you don’t have experience in IT consulting. But don’t worry too much. The right attitude and openness help you get through it. And, it’s impossible not to find at least a few good friends along the way.

Finally, here are Nicola’s top picks from his Future Talent journey so far:

New Future Talents can expect at least four things; meeting a lot of new people and expanding your network exponentially, support and guidance always available on your learning, a welcoming working culture where ‘colleague’ really means ‘friend’ and, lastly, lots of amazing parties and events organized by Capgemini.

You’ll get to share a challenge with a bunch of smart young professionals in a company that invests heavily in your growth and development. This is exactly the kind of place where you want to kickstart your career.


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