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Learning and development

At Capgemini, we believe in the vital role that learning and development plays in helping you achieve your objectives.

At the core of our strategy is life-long continuous learning that ensures that our employees stay up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies while also growing their soft skills. We embed learning into our daily work and culture while striving to create learning experiences that are unique to each employee’s needs.

Unique learning experiences

We embed learning in our culture and our daily work. To make sure you get to learn the things you want and need to, we provide our employees with a huge variety of learning resources to match different skill sets.

Comprehensive curriculums and wide range of specific trainings. From leadership and professional development to enhancing critical soft skills. In a wide array of formats and learning platforms. Virtually and face-to-face. Globally and on a regional scale.

Learning journeys that fit your needs


We offer flexible, personalized learning journeys with the freedom to decide when and what you want to learn. You also get access to the latest technologies, functional skills and industry developments.


We put the focus on hard and soft skills with collaborative, innovative approaches. This includes professional networking opportunities and access to content from leading learning and development content providers.


We provide industry-recognized courses and certifications and intuitive tools, accessible from anywhere at anytime. These offer modern, innovative learning experiences with leading-edge content.

Modern career path development at Capgemini Portugal

We understand that modern career paths don’t necessarily follow the linear path they used to. We promote your chosen future path whether you want to advance your career in a spider-web-like form or are interested more in our people manager opportunities. We have a path for you to follow!

Career framework

We have an extensive career framework to help you plan your path and advance in the company. We also have thorough training paths and grade levels for different roles, so it’s easier for you to develop the skills that are needed for your next career move.

Career development

Our development cycle makes sure your career development doesn’t hit roadblocks. In the beginning of the year, you have a feedback and development discussion with your manager, and together with them set objectives for the upcoming year.

Throughout the year, you will have check-up discussions with your Manager to share how things are going. We encourage you to bring up aspirations related to your career, clients, projects, promotion, and salary – this helps us to make them happen.

Different ways to learn

Our programs offer flexible, personalized learning journeys with the freedom to decide when and what you want to learn through unlimited access to content from leading learning and development providers.

Mixing opportunities to attend learning events in France and India with numerous virtual learning events, our learning programs are also a unique opportunity for you to connect with colleagues around the globe and expand your networks.

Innovative and immersive learning takes you out of the classroom to learn soft and hard skills in a blended format, putting learning by doing front and center.

From think tanks to hackathons, immersive learning takes you out of the classroom to develop your knowledge and solve real business challenges while completing industry-recognized certifications.

We take a comprehensive, hands-on approach to learning that allows for collaborative work with colleagues all around the world. That could be anything from connecting virtually with new colleagues through an in-depth learning program or coming together face-to-face at one of our campuses to participate in a think tank.

Through our learning programs, you work on your individual growth as well as the growth of your teams and the business as a whole. You’ll belong to an inclusive network of people who will be there to support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way.

What are some of the programs you can look forward to throughout your learning journey at Capgemini? With learning programs that focus on upskilling while following the latest market trends, we have something for everyone.

Our Connected Manager program gives our future leaders the tools and skills to build real connections with their team members. Cloud Campus, meanwhile, is our new unified Cloud learning hub – one place to take the guesswork out of learning, where all of us can come together to learn, share, and connect with other learners around the world.

To us, learning is about being creative and trying new things. This is why our learning programs are an opportunity to experiment with different ideas and solutions.

We take a modern approach to learning using intuitive tools, accessible from anywhere at any time. With our world-class facilities in France, India and North America, we flip the traditional classroom and give you a chance to take a deep-dive into your learning through collaborative and innovative methods.

    Welcome to our Capgemini University Campus

    The Serge Kampf Les Fontaines Campus, named after Capgemini’s founder, hosts in-person, hybrid and digital learning and development programs.

    An eco-responsible approach

    The Campus is an exceptional green venue committed to sustainable development. It obtained ISO 20121 certification in 2020.

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