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Bringing New Thinking to Solve Public Sector Challenges

The public sector faces many challenges, from globalization to increased citizen expectations of real-time responsiveness. Capgemini works closely with government organizations across the globe to help them meet those challenges through digital transformation strategies, technology delivery, and citizen-led innovation.

Whether for a municipality, a hospital, or a ministry of finance, technology is bringing new ways to guarantee operational efficiency, and better services that put the citizen at the center.

We help public institutions focus on solving their challenges by leveraging human energy through digitization – towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Quote from our Leader

Marc Reinhardt, Global Leader, Public Sector

Public sector organizations are addressing the great challenges of our time – from digital transformation, to social justice, COVID recovery and resilience, and the climate agenda. People and technology are central to their response. We partner with the public sector to transform public services and deliver better outcomes for citizens, society and the planet.

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What We Offer

AI for Public Sector

AI for Public Sector

Ethical use of artificial intelligence can help public sector organizations improve services...