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Communities that Support Graduates

At Capgemini Invent we want to ensure our associates have all the support they need throughout their journey with us. We have set up a range of communities, underpinned by our inclusive and supportive culture, all bespoke for those starting their career at Capgemini Invent. From a social aspect, to recognition, Q&As, networking and inclusion, members of the Accelerate community have the opportunity to take part in a range of initiatives that interest them:

All Hands Call (AHC)

The AHC provides business and resourcing updates to our Accelerate community for awareness of what is going on around the organisation as well as allowing individuals to share highlights of their successes. This platform not only encourages open dialogue amongst our community, but also is a breeding ground for new ideas, strengthening our bond and collaborative spirit.

Graduate Quarterly Meeting (GQM)

Each quarter, the Accelerate community of 200+ assemble for the GQM. Amidst a transparent high-level view of our business performance and inspiring talks from a wide array of senior leaders, there are opportunities to connect with leadership and gain a deeper understanding of the business.

Graduate Neurodiversity Community (GNC)

Our GNC is run by Accelerate members and is open to Neurodivergent individuals and allies alike. It brings together like-minded individuals to share experiences, advice and moral support. We have monthly community calls, guest speakers, newsletters, events and more!

Active Inclusion

In the UK, we deliver our focus on diversity and inclusion through our Active Inclusion programme. From inclusion surveys and unconscious bias training to internal Employee Networks and engagement initiatives, we seek to understand everyone’s needs.

Our Employee Networks include Women @ Capgemini Invent + Allies, Families Matter, Race & Equality Network, CapAbility (our ability and caring network), OUTfront (our LGBT+ network), Women @ CapgeminiUK, Armed Forces Network, Talking Heads (the mental health network) and Black Women @ Capgemini.

Graduate Wellness Community (GWC)

The GWC advocates for positive mental, physical and financial health through Q&A’s, panel discussions, articles, podcasts and more. Our vision is to normalise conversations regarding mental, physical, and financial health whilst creating a safe, inclusive environment for members of the programme to connect and grow.

Friday Night Fun (FNF)

Our goal with FNF is to create a relaxed environment for all members of Accelerate to network in. To demonstrate this, we coordinate fully funded events that everyone can get involved in – from bowling to buffets, FNF offers a range of inclusive activities that cater for all.

Onboarding Support:

Intake Host

An Intake Host is a welcoming first point of contact for those embarking on the Accelerate Programme. The Intake Host will offer support and guidance a few weeks before your first day, answering any questions our new joiners may have when starting a new career or role. The Intake Host will also provide an understanding of what to expect in the coming few weeks and months. having recently been through the process themselves!


Each Buddy plays a key role in supporting our new joiners following their time in Induction. Your buddy will be an individual who has also experienced life on the Accelerate Programme, including the completion of the Institute phase. They will be a pillar of support whom you can lean on as an informal confidant and sounding board, and who will provide you with mentorship and support throughout the programme and beyond!