Insights & Data for Financial Services

Business insights and data-driven intelligence for Financial Services companies

Today’s explosion of data is changing the work we do, the products we make, and how companies engage with customers. In the wake of big data, new analytics, and new data techniques, financial services organizations are becoming more data-centric than ever before to drive value. This data focus leads to new insights and business value, while saving costs and improving process efficiency. Capgemini can empower your firm to move faster along this journey to transform data into actionable insights and effectively leverage information across your entire organization.

Explore how big data is impacting insurance in an AM Best video showcasing Capgemini’s Shane Cassidy as he provides insights into Fixing the Insurance Industry: How Big Data can Transform Customer Satisfaction

Risk, Regulations and Compliance for Financial Services

Risk, Regulations and Compliance for Financial Services

Helping financial institutions address fast-changing regulations