Customer Value Analytics

Customer Value Analytics is about turning data into insights, into decisions, into business value. It is focused on business and top-line growth, and is – by default – at the heart of our clients’ digital and customer-centric strategies

Making a decisive impact on the customer journey

Customer Value Analytics (CVA) is the interplay of data, technology, statistics and business processes, focused on improving the top line; it embeds analytics into an organization’s DNA, using data science to probe customer response, understand buying/user context, and using this insight to deliver increased customer and company value.

Customer Value Analytics: An overview

The marketing landscape has changed significantly with the impact of Big Data and analytics. This is enabling marketers to combine the art of marketing with the science of delivering customer value. Customer Value Analytics  is a framework consisting of concrete IP solutions and proven methodologies that delivers value by helping clients become an insight-driven business.

One example of CVA is our Real-time Dialogue Framework, which helps re-establish a rich two-way conversation with your customers, merging online customer journeys with personal service, and amalgamating campaign and customer.

Also discover what drives brand loyalty, and how to cultivate it, in the recently launched report from our Digital Transformation Institute on Loyalty Deciphered—How Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement.


Building an insight-driven Retail and Consumer Goods Business

We help consumer products and retail companies accelerate the building of an insight-driven business. Our “Business Value Now” approach is aimed at demonstrating quick business value leveraging data, analytics, and technology platforms to drive insights-driven transformation in sales, marketing, and supply chain.

Smart analytics for banking

Our CVA proposition for the Financial Services sector combines pre-built analytics apps and a powerful analytics engine. Based on Capgemini’s SMART Analytics Platform, a robust analytics engine powered by IBM technologies, it analyzes data generated from multiple customer touch points throughout the customer journey, providing actionable information to improve customer experiences, minimize customer attrition, encourage customer loyalty, promote customer acquisition, and grow share of wallet.

Increasing Customer Loyalty for Telcos

We help telcos embrace the science of marketing and the use of data insights which have become critical success factors in their digital transformation to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction, and stimulate revenue growth. The enterprise-wide analytics vision and operating model is an important aspect of the digital transformation of telecom companies.

Citizen Intelligence for the Public Sector

What happens when the citizen expects to be treated as a customer? This is one of the challenges facing local and national governments with the continuing digitization of the public sector, and public expectations of a more responsive and interactive e-government.

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