Product Data Transformation

Product Data Transformation for seamless customer engagement in an omni-channel environment

Product Data Management is the key to omni-channel success

In the era of digitally-savvy customers and omni-channel retailing, buying journeys have become cyclical and complex. Retailers and consumer goods companies have to provide customers with accurate, up-to-date, reliable and consistent product information across online retail sites, print catalogs, store displays, kiosks, and handheld devices. Product information includes basic descriptions such as weight, dimensions, price, SKU number, and supplier data as well as unstructured data, which includes multi-lingual marketing materials, manuals, images, and user generated content like reviews and ratings. The increasing number of assortments, products, and channels increases the challenge of acquiring, maintaining, and distributing this product information. Companies will lose revenues if they fail to beat the odds and do not engage with customers by providing them with correct and reliable product information along the path-to-purchase.

An end-to-end approach with full spectrum services

Retailers and consumer goods companies need more than a product information management (PIM) software to provide customers with a consistent, 360-degree view of product data across all traditional and digital channels. A centralized repository of product information, which integrates data from multiple channels and sources such as social media, vendor feeds, and content aggregators, is a small part of the solution. Companies still need to manage the product information supply chain.

We help consumer goods companies and retailers start the journey of product data transformation by providing a thorough understanding of an organization’s vision about the role of product data in their enterprise and an assessment of their current status. Our team of product data experts helps you develop a roadmap based on your company’s current levels of product data maturity. The key stages of the transformation roadmap include data acquisition, data governance definition, taxonomy development, operating model design, product data maintenance, and product data distribution to all channels. Retailers and consumer goods organizations need insights into how product data is being used. We provide dashboards and reports enabling them to measure and track key performance indicators, compare product data performance over a period, and benchmark against industry standards.

Why work with Capgemini?

  • Our Product Information Management (PIM) team combines technical competencies with deep experience in the retail and consumer packaged goods industry to drive the product data transformation.
  • We have a proven track record of helping leading global consumer products and retail companies use product information management as a strategic asset.
  • Our end-to-end transformation approach helps you on every step of your journey to exploit the full potential of PIM.
  • Our understanding of the PIM space is not limited to best-in-class technologies and industry best practices for managing product data management. We understand the global issues as well as the local issues, including the legal statutory requirements of various countries where our clients operate.

Contact us to learn more about how our product data experts can help your organization with our PIM services that best fits your needs.


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