Metadata Management

Optimizing data assets for increased efficiency

Our metadata management solutions are designed to ensure the continuous high value of your data assets by providing your company with:

  • Unique resources to ensure consistent solution development, deployment and maintenance
  • Development and integration of metadata portals
  • Administrative support of technology tools that includes tuning for performance, security set-up, user administration and level 1 production support
  • Sourcing and extracting metadata from different sources to allow for cleansing, consolidation, reconciliation, integration and proper loading to the production repository
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance of your entire metadata environment for optimal performance and functionality.

Empowering data stewards through collaboration

Capgemini recognizes that metadata management underpins the success of your company’s business information activities. These include:

To ensure rapid adoption of our solutions, we take a collaborative approach to metadata management. Our specialists work closely with your designated client-data stewards in order to ensure timely delivery of clean metadata. Our process starts by identifying pragmatic frameworks for metadata solutions for both business and IT.

Expertise in business metadata management

At Capgemini, we have many years of experience in deploying automated metadata management solutions. We have worked with many major global clients to deliver customized business data management solutions.

Our experts are trained in all the major metadata tools on the market and our solution architects and analysts possess a strong business background and knowledge of industry standards and trends, and are capable of comparing and aligning tool features to meet specific customer needs. Their expertise includes in-depth knowledge of technologies such as ASG Rochade, Adaptive, DAG MetaCenter, Metadata Manager and CA Platinum Repository.