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Making digital twins tangible for the Construction & Infrastructure sector

Realising value from the digital representations of your assets, your resources and processes.

The concept of Digital Twins has been out there for a quite some time. During this time, the technology has been leveraged across a number of sectors to radically transform the way they conduct operations and boost their productivity.

However, the construction and infrastructure sector has been slower in adopting this technology and exploit its benefits in a consistent and efficient manner.

This point of view aims to provide our view on the position Digital Twins should have in the ways of working of organisations in the sector.

The various shades of a twin

In this article, we discuss a few layers that could be used by organisations depending on their requirements – Some organisations may choose to focus on one area of operations, whilst other may need to look at specific challenges from various angles. At the same time, we explore these layers across the various phases of a project lifecycle, from design and construction to operations and maintenance.

Improving your relationship with the twin

Different entities may need to interact in different ways with the digital twin – Some may need to become fluent in the design of these assets, whilst other may only need to develop an awareness across their workforce around them. We recommend organisations to assess their role with respect to digital twins when defining their digital strategy.

The twins are here to stay

Now that digital twins are ubiquitous in many industries, we strongly believe that clients, contractors, designers and asset owners are destined to co-exist with this technology in their daily operations.

Would you like to learn more about how to approach the adoption of digital twins?

Contact with our experts

Francisco J Rubio

Senior Manager, Construction, Infrastructure and Services at Capgemini Invent Spain
A chartered engineer and certified project manager with 10+ years of experience in the sector, Francisco focuses on supporting clients in their transformation journey. Francisco advises organisations in digitilising and optimising their operations, as well as defining new operating models. Additionally, he is passionate about introducing disruptive technologies to innovate the way the sector delivers capital projects and operates infrastructure assets.

Pascual Martínez

Head of Infrastructure, Construction & Services at Capgemini Invent Spain
MBA and Civil Engineer with 18 years of  consulting and industry experience. Pascual is skilled in the development of innovative solutions from strategy to implementation, with current focus on digital strategy and transformation projects that deliver tangible results.

Octavio Egea

VP, Head of Innovation, Strategy & Design, Frog Spain
For 20+ years, Octavio has been helping organizations decipher, navigate and thrive in complex industry contexts, deploy new growth platforms and embrace innovation to drive superior alpha.