WOW Podcast #5: What you can do when you know what the surface of the earth looks like

In this week’s episode Joakim Wahlqvist tells us about Geo Satellite Intelligence (GSI). Through advanced cognitive image analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning it pushes the boundaries and challenge business problems that have existed forever.

GSI is based on open data from ESA (European Space Agency) where satellite images of various kinds are provided through the Copernicus program. By analyzing the broad spectrum of images that exist, industries such as transport, energy, forestry, insurance, with many, get entirely new opportunities to streamline their core processes.

About the host

The podcast is hosted by our own Fanny Widman, who also runs a famous podcast in Sweden on gender balance called Fannys Förebilder (Fannys Förebilder/Fanny’s role models). Fanny has a background in IT sales and has also studied marketing on IHM Business School in Stockholm. She is passionate about creating conversations that matters and sharing insights that can benefit many!

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