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Field Service

Helps brand differentiate and remain competitive

Organizations face growing service portfolio complexity along with increasing customer demand for personalized care, service convenience and quality, speed of resolution, and effective communication. Field service functional leaders need to tackle the operational complexity and manage diverse levers including asset lifecycle, agent skills, and contractor management. In addition, there is a need to increase the efficiency and speed of field technicians while ensuring higher regulatory requirement of HSE standards.

At Capgemini, we enable you to transform your field service and position it as both an engagement driver and a profit center. We help you improve performance across your assets and service agents while delivering a connected service experience. Our end-to-end approach for your continuous transformation of the field service function at scale helps you to:

  • Set the plan for growth: Define the field service strategy leveraging new technology opportunities and allowing field agents to drive customer engagement and growth while optimizing cost to serve.
  • Engineer the experience: Implement your integrated field service platform, set up a customer-led and profit organization, notably by enabling and shifting the cultural mindset of field agents.
  • Maximize value: Secure and maximize value by continuously monitoring customer experience and business KPIs and optimizing field operations.

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Julien LEBLOIS, Global Offer Lead, Service & Sales, Capgemini Customer Experience