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Digital Learning Operations

A next-generation learning platform that delivers multimodal, blended learning

Many businesses face seemingly unresolvable skills shortages. Deepening misalignment between the labour market and skills’ requirements, combined with a prolonged amount of time to train employees to a satisfactory level of proficiency, means that many businesses are constantly struggling to maintain a baseline level of skills competency.

Personalized learning that drives workforce transformation across your business

Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations (DLO) is part of our Digital Employee Operations portfolio – a set of services that provides a consumer grade employee experience for attracting, growing and retaining the talent you need to fuel business strategy in a world of fast-changing skills sets and competing global demand.

Tailored learning through leveraging intelligent automation

Our Digital Learning Operations (DLO) offering is a comprehensive learning suite of small, quick-to-activate digital learning platforms and integrated service management that delivers enhanced business value.

DLO provides a next-generation learning platform that delivers multimodal, blended learning based on the principle of “Read, Watch, Listen, Do.” DLO also leverages big data analytics and machine learning that tailor push-and-pull learning content to the requirements and expectations of your individual, multigenerational employees.

An optimized digital learning strategy

Digital Learning Operations delivers extraordinary value to your business, including:

  • Up to 50% efficiencies in learning operations.
  • Up to 40% savings in your cost to serve.
  • Up to 40% costs savings through implementing an optimized learning vendor provider strategy.
  • An improved employer brand reputation that attracts, engages, and retains talented employees through learning investments.
  • A more competitive, reskilled business workforce that can rapidly respond to shifting market forces.

To find out more about how our Digital Learning Operations offering can drive value across your organization, contact: