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Custom Generative AI for Enterprise  

Elevate your possible

Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and Custom Generative AI for Enterprise.

It’s difficult to be creative in an insecure environment whilst ignoring the unique skills that make you, you. This is a reality that most businesses experience trying off the shelf Gen AI for the first time.

Custom Generative AI for Enterprise by Capgemini is different. It’s a ring-fenced, safe environment that elevates and focuses on your excellence to unleash creativity through the power of technology.

It’s a place where we really can elevate your possible. 

Dinara Kasko works with Capgemini to elevate her possible

Next-level ideas are on the menu with Custom Generative AI for Enterprise. We are partnering with Dinara Kasko, an amazing creative talent. Dinara is an architect-designer combining her skills with 3D printing and AI to create unique and mind-blowing patisserie.

Change the DNA of your enterprise

According to our Capgemini Research Institute report about Generative AI in organizations nearly all (96%) executives in our global survey cite generative AI as a hot topic of discussion in their respective boardrooms, and about one-fifth of them say generative AI will significantly disrupt their industries.

BUT… for business, there are many problems behind publicly available Gen AI large models. These are too disjointed from business reality, and too uncontrollable, too risky for data and privacy, and too difficult to adopt and scale.

Therefore, CXOs need to understand how to leverage Gen AI, across their organization, in a safe, secured and controlled manner, to fit their business reality. 

We help you change the DNA of your enterprise through Generative AI.

Dinara Kasko works with Capgemini to elevate her possible

Dinara Kasko, at intersection of GenAI and 3D printing, is building on her skills to create unique art pieces in the shape of patisserie, unleashing her creative process with the power of technology.

    Generative AI Lab

    Our Generative AI Lab is a dedicated team of experts specialized in artificial intelligence from various Capgemini teams around the world.

      Tailored and trusted solutions

      With Custom Generative AI for Enterprise, we help enterprises move from a standard risked usage of generic public large models to a tailored and trusted solution based on the use of their data and their company knowledge, with reliable outputs creating significant tangible outcomes. 

      We enhance the unique and specific company know-how for a completely Custom Gen AI experience with our Capgemini’s proven Gen AI framework architecture. Building secure, privacy protecting and reliable high-scale Generative solutions through several layers:

      • Data (data platform foundation)
      • Model (trained based on company knowledge)
      • Business (experience layer orchestrated for business domains use)
      • Testing & Trust (transversal layer)

      From defining your baseline and strategy forward to developing first MVPs and enterprise-ready customed solutions, we will help you drive and scale outstanding business transformation.

      Expert perspectives

      Meet our experts

      Mark Oost

      Global Offer Leader, AI Analytics & Data Science
      Prior to joining Capgemini, Mark was the CTO of AI and Analytics at Sogeti Global, where he developed the AI portfolio and strategy. Before that, he worked as a Practice Lead for Data Science and AI at Sogeti Netherlands, where he started the Data Science team, and as a Lead Data Scientist at Teradata and Experian. Throughout his career, Mark has had the opportunity to work with clients from various markets around the world and has used AI, deep learning, and machine learning technologies to solve complex problems.

      Robert Engels

      CTO Insights & Data North-Central Europe
      Robert is an innovation lead and a thought leader in several sectors and regions, with a basis in his role of Chief Technology Officer for Northern and Central Europe in our Insights & Data Global Business Line. Based in Norway, he is a known lecturer, public speaker, and panel moderator. Robert holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany.

      Aruna Pattam

      Head of AI Analytics & Data Science, Insights & Data, APAC
      Aruna is a seasoned data science leader with a successful track record of developing and implementing data and analytics and data science solutions through cutting-edge technologies, agile development, continuous delivery, and DevOps. With over 22 years of experience, Aruna is a Microsoft-certified data scientist and AI engineer. She is a member of the Responsible AI Think Tank at CSIRO NAIC, which focuses on the responsible and ethical use of #AI in businesses in Australia, and a known public voice in Australia for Women in AI.