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data estate and BI modernization

When it comes to the data estate, less is more. Data democratization plus rapid TCO reduction can be achieved through Data Estate & BI Modernization, using cloud.

In a world where change happens in a split second, accessing the right data at the right time is more vital than ever. Data becomes the new constant, key to the central challenge of balancing business transformation with operational excellence.

Unfortunately, many existing IT landscapes and processes are proving to be an obstacle to mastering the new reality. Businesses are finding that teams can’t access data as quickly and efficiently as they need to, and this undermines their ability to adapt.

Problems typically occur because data is siloed and inconsistent, of poor quality, or in breach of privacy legislation such as the GDPR. Too often, increased user numbers also bring performance issues in accessing the data. In addition, many organizations lack a delivery path leading from innovation to industrialization, and so they end up with large numbers of proofs of concept that never become production solutions.

Such challenges can be overcome through Data Estate & BI Modernization. This is a journey of strategy, people, process, and technology, as well as data transformation.

This transformation enables managed democratization of data: the creation of a secure, trusted, ethically managed, and constantly evolving data asset that is potentially available across the whole organization, to the right people at the right time and in the right way.

Data Estate and BI Modernization accelerates the journey from innovation to industrialization to achieve business value and operational excellence. The journey is realized through efficient use of technologies such as automation, robotics, AI, and analytics at scale to improve corporate IQ.

Businesses therefore need access to a framework of capabilities (including people and skills), methodologies, and accelerators that bring together multi-sourced data with the innovative and transformational potential of these technologies. Also needed is a platform that helps organizations to move away from operations-focused, limited-value AI initiatives towards an enterprise-wide, “data-first” approach. Moving to a flexible setup such as hybrid cloud is usually a logical step.

Capgemini’s Data Estate & BI Modernization can help organizations implement the necessary framework and platform so they achieve the characteristics that are vital to success right now. Specifically, we help clients put in place effective pathways from innovation to industrialization, and from source data to action. By leveraging the power of automation and cloud, it becomes possible to ingest, transform, and consume data in real time.

We typically see TCO reductions of 20–50% from these exercises, assuming a constant workload. Afterwards, users can access data in hours, not weeks or months. Performance and security issues are fixed.

We accelerate this process via our detailed reference architecture, our partnerships, and our ability to …