Integrate and Collaborate across the Value Network

Globalization. Technology. Raw Material and Energy costs. Consumer channel diversification. These forces and the speed of change will drive the evolution of the value network in the consumer products and retail industry over the next decade. Are you ready for tomorrow today?

Strengthen Relationships to Maximize Value

Consumer products and retail companies face mounting pressure all across the value network. Reducing costs, maintaining appropriate inventory levels and improving efficiency are just the start.

Today’s organizations must also adapt their value networks to be responsive to the changing needs of consumers and the global market. The answer is improved collaboration among all your value network partners, from suppliers to consumers. We can help you make it happen.

Optimize the Value network for Top-Line Benefits

We target three key areas to help you improve product flow across the value network and drive more meaningful partnerships:

  • Reduce costs: increase savings across the board, from production to logistics to in-store costs
  • Improve efficiencies: use standardized data formats such as global data synchronization and data pools
  • Improve sustainability: support collaborative approaches such as joint warehousing or common transport

Our solutions include:

  • Consumer-Driven Supply Chain
  • Shelf-Connected Enterprise
  • Demand Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Inventory Management
  • Retailer Collaboration and Trade Promotions Management
  • Supplier Collaboration and Sourcing
  • Product Safety and Traceability
  • Supply Chain Visibility and Control

Collaboration for Intelligent Product Delivery

We have thousands of professionals dedicated to the consumer products and retail industry. Our teams work closely with you to bring your company a competitive edge using flexible and sustainable supply chain solutions. As a result, you are better positioned to buy, produce and distribute goods more intelligently and in closer collaboration with partners.

Our success stories include:

  • A large grocery retailer: we developed and implemented collaborative supply chain processes, organization and systems. The project achieved:
    • Smoother supply chain responsiveness
    • Automated manual processes
    • Information transparency for future events like promotions
    • Decrease bullwhip effect
    • Improved margins
  • Royal Philips Electronics: helped align its Global Data Synchronization (GDS) policy across product divisions, enabling the company to act in a consistent manner with all retail customers

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