Insights & Data for Telecoms

Better capture, organize and monetize your data by leveraging the power of our Insights & Data solutions for telecoms. Designed to deliver useful information and insights to drive greater business value.

Making sense and leveraging data is nothing new to telcos. But data volumes are expanding rapidly from increasing use of smartphones, clickstream data, signaling data from apps and M2M devices – all aided by better connectivity and faster networks.

These data sources are already enabling organizations to:

  • Improve network utilization
  • Accelerate the efficiency of operations
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce OPEX spending
  • Create new revenue streams

But there are many internal challenges such as effective data sharing, finding the right data science capabilities, and keeping on top of the rapidly advancing big data technology developments. Not least is the challenge of translating insight into action and ultimately business benefit.

The data landscape in the telecoms sector is complex, with data ownership spread across mobile (virtual) network operators, cable service providers, Internet of Things providers and more. Finding the right information strategy across this landscape is central to harnessing the data to drive the analysis, insights and ultimately the actions you need to take that will drive profitability and revenue growth.

Delivering Better Insights for Our Telecoms Customers

Capgemini’s deep expertise in both the telecoms sector, and big data and analytics technology and implementation, can help you develop the right strategy.

We apply our expertise in harnessing big data technology through our Data Optimization for the Enterprise and Business Data lake solutions to optimize investment, improve insight and find new value-generation opportunities:

  • Business and strategy capability to help you set the right course for use of information and data in your business
  • Telecoms sector expertise in data and analytical solutions
  • Leading expertise in big data and analytical technology to ensure you tap into the latest market developments
  • Depth of experience in implementing data and insights solution for both large global enterprises and local businesses
  • Data labs and development platforms to help you rapidly evaluate new business and technology solutions.

Dedicated to Your Savings and Productivity

We have decades of experience working with the telecoms industry, and have significant Insights & Data expertise. Our clients include major telcos providers across Europe, India and the US.

Recent projects include:

  • Reducing churn for telcos through real-time targeted marketing offers
  • Improving insight into network usage and identifying new commercial opportunities through big data transformation for a global telco
  • Produced 20% savings for a major European client within 24 months

For more information contact Tejus Shah or Senthil Ramachandran.