Weaving analytical insights into every Consumer Product and Retail business decision

Shifts in the marketplace demand a fundamental response

More than ever, consumers are empowered, making it all the more important to balance customer profiling and privacy. This much applies to most businesses, but for the CPR sector there are more challenges:
  • Collaborating in the new value network, organized around consumers and their communities, and sharing data and insights with consumers and business partners.
  • Operating consumer-centric supply chains, synchronizing data-driven product and consumer journeys.
  • Creating a seamless path to purchase by organizing relevant personalized omni-channel commerce.
  • Reinventing the role of the store, understanding and anticipating in-store behavior.


Neither traditional BI nor Big Data discovery is the answer

Many realize that insights and data are at the heart of the digital transformation that can help CPR companies address the above challenges, maximize growth and reduce costs. However, an inflexible IT landscape, scattered siloed data, and a lack of skills, expertise and appropriate culture, prevents CPR companies from embarking on an insight driven transformation.

Our value proposition for insight driven retail and consumer products companies originates from a practice-proven journey approach that brings together business, data, analytical tooling and technology platforms. It helps CPR companies embed smart and actionable insights within their business in order to improve competitiveness and boost profitability.

Our proposition demonstrates business value from day one and provides a growth path in small iterative steps to develop an industrialized and scalable capability for business, IT, and data executives.

Our proposition is not a narrow point-solution; we enable quick and appropriate decisions along with agile fact-based operations, with the sole objective to measurably change and improve business.


Your partner at the forefront of a fast-changing industry

Consumer Products and Retail companies face new challenges every day. Achieving sustainable performance improvement requires innovative strategies, perspective and perseverance – and an innovative partner. Capgemini brings the following to your insight-driven business transformation:
  • Sector focus: As a global leader in strategy and transformation, we provide industry-specific services and guidance to hundreds of consumer products and retail clients worldwide, including 27 of the world’s 30 largest consumer products companies and 27 of the leading retailers.
  • Our Business Value NOW! approach: We bring together deep CPR domain expertise and technology know how, so that we can demonstrate value from day one.
  • We are practice-proven:  So you benefit from our lessons learned and global best practices developed.
  • We apply an integrated approach: We are a safe pair of hands to work – from end to end – technology, process and most importantly – people.
  • Our delivery is services- not technology-led:  This means for you – accelerated deployment and capability-building.
  • Our commitment: We take our responsibility to drive outcomes as one team very seriously.

Want to know more?

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