Specialty Channel Insights Platform

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Generating tangible business value through data-driven insights across the patient journey.

In Life Sciences, insights are critical to providing better engagement with your patients throughout their entire journey. From traditional to modern analytics solutions, Capgemini Invent enables you to keep up with the pace of change and empowers you to make faster, better-informed, and more accurate decisions.

Our analytics solutions are infused with interactive visualizations to transform information into innovation. At Capgemini Invent, our specialty channel insights platform helps track the patient journey from script to adherence. The platform, producing insights for over 75 specialty brands, helps our clients better understand patients as they move through the network. However, the patient journey is more than just script to adherence. We bring together insights from the real world, social media, the market, and your internal program to gain a holistic view of the patient. These insights, integrated with our platform, drive truly measurable business results.

  • Speeds time-to-market for product launches
  • Improves overall data quality & contract compliance
  • Enhances operational efficiency through process streamlining & automation
  • Provides real-world insights to improve the patient journey & remove barriers to treatment

Our Experience:

  • 135+ Partners
  • 75 Brands
  • 21 Launches

Specialty Channel Data White...

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