SAP Application Migration to Microsoft Azure

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Together, Capgemini’s team of Microsoft Azure certified solution architects and SAP-certified advisors will help organizations identify and overcome potential obstacles regarding security, redundancy, reliability, and speed. This team of experts provide everything needed for an SAP migration, from strategic advisory, prioritization guidance, rapid solution implementation, SAP landscape management, security compliance expertise, and end-to-end managed service.

From financial departments, to sales and HR, organizations around the globe are looking to streamline processes and management within their business. SAP applications enable organizations everywhere to successfully, rapidly respond to shifts or changes, whether they’re developmental bottlenecks, spikes in product demand, or other challenges. And as technologies evolve and market demands shift, organizations are faced with the need to further transform by moving these applications to the cloud. By moving SAP applications to Microsoft Azure, organizations get the robust automation capabilities that SAP offers in combination with the benefits of the cloud, including better data security, scalability, and increased business and IT performance. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Capgemini has the expertise needed to optimize the migration of SAP apps to Azure.

Why Migrate SAP applications to Azure
Moving to the cloud is the first step for the next generation ERPs, and by migrating SAP applications to Azure with Capgemini’s SAP-certified advisors, organizations benefit from:

  • A cost-efficient cloud journey: Realizes cloud economy of scale for optimizing a right-sized, commoditized approach; one customer expects to realize USD $2-3M in annualized savings
  • Rapid time-to-value: Gain rapid time-to-value with an on-premises-to-Azure migration that enables rapid SAP solution provisioning
  • An agile DevTest environment: Facilitate an agile DevTest environment that supports Azure for on-demand provisioning, CI/CD, and Dev-Ops

Capgemini handled the migration and ongoing operations of SAP to Azure for Mosaic

The Mosaic Company was using SAP for its entire global financial, commercial, and supply-chain systems. With so much of the business riding on SAP, it became very important for Mosaic to be able to get the most it could out of the application and moving to the cloud provided the solution for optimized business benefits.

“Our plan to move SAP to Azure has allowed us to be more cost-competitive, while at the same time has improved our ability to be more responsive to new business requirements.”
— Doug Mills, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Mosaic

Mosaic turned to Capgemini for the Azure design, implementation, and migration, and for ongoing operations and maintenance. The SAP migration was one of the biggest done anywhere at the time it went live and Mosaic was delighted with the results.

“We are highly pleased with the results. The migrations not only went smoothly, but we were also able to realize our goal of a transition that had little impact to our end users.”
—Stephen Murray, Senior Director of IT Technology Services, Mosaic.

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