In The Post-COVID World Back On Track Is Not Enough

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Watch the Executive Exchange and discover which tracks you need to lay today to succeed in the ‘Next Normal’

The vast majority of organizations have adapted to the current COVID-19 reality, implementing critical short- and medium-term initiatives to increase their robustness and competitiveness.

Though the effects of the pandemic will leave an everlasting impact on society, businesses, and consumers, we can expect that the health crisis will not be permanent. And at the end of the crisis lies significant business opportunities, and where yesterday’s winners are those who managed to respond swiftly and adapt their businesses. Tomorrow’s winners are those who lay new tracks today to succeed in the ‘Next Normal’, post-COVID.

Together with Henrik Thystrup, CIO & VP of Solar Group, Gunnar Menzel, CTIO of Capgemini Europe, and Malcolm Clapson, Head of Applied Innovation Exchange, we explore and discuss

  • Which technologies have helped different sectors thrive since the outbreak
  • What are the new approaches used to identify and implement “Next Normal” tech solutions
  • How can organizations identify which innovations that are most relevant for them to implement
  • A practical way of getting started with applying innovation
  • What Solar Group is doing to succeed post-COVID.

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Meet the speakers

Malcolm Clapson
Head of Applied Innovation Exchange
Henrik Thystrup
VP & CIO at Solar Group
Gunnar Menzel
CTIO of Capgemini Europe
Claus Rydkjær
Managing Director